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Alpha heater Canada – 60% Off! Read before Buying

Searching for the best portable heater this winter, you aren’t alone. Truly, heaters are the most trending device now. No doubt, Many people wants to keep warm without spending much on utility bills. Which one is the best for my budget? Indeed many have been asking this question.

Well, you might not agree with me today but I’m sure that Alpha heater is fast becoming the best space heater this winter. With thousands already sold out, it is the best-seller in Canada now couple with the 50% discount and free shipping, it is the most affordable heating unit available.

Priced at around $40, Alpha heater is becoming a common device in every home this winter. Want to know more about Alpha heater, what is does and what it doesn’t, the pros, cons, and where to buy, keep reading, we have everything worth knowing about this handy Gadget in this post.

What Is An Alpha Heater?

Alpha Heater is a portable heater normal used indoors.

Like most portable heaters, it convert electrical energy into heat energy once plugged in a wall socket outlet. It is cordless, compact, lightweight, and extremely stylish.

In contrast to most heaters sold today it consumes very little power. Experts confirmed that it takes approximately 30% of what conventional heaters consumes.

With many safety features, it can be used without any fear though care must be taken. It has automatic shutdown button, tip over switch, Thermostat, and timer.

With many people extremely satisfied, there are no reason that you won’t trust it this winter. It is currently available at the official website at discounted price. It works perfectly well, best for medium size space, faster and more safer.

If you are still looking to buy one in Canada, click the link below. It is one of the best place to get it. Don’t worry we have enough customer and offer free shipping at the moment.

Alpha heater comes with 30-day money back guarantee Incase you aren’t completely thrilled With it again. Simply, contact the customer care for full refund of all your orders.

Alpha heater keep your room warm and cozy, it works well in a medium sized room, capable of heating up to 400 feet square space. Best for people who wants to heat smaller apartments, personal spaces, and multiple unit can be used together to keep warm larger spaces.

It is energy efficient, more compact, lightweight, eco-friendly, and extremely powerful. It heats in style, faster than most conventional heaters and there is no mechanical parts to worry about.

Feel free to try it today and see what we are talking about. It is number one consumer choice as of time of writing. Click here to buy Alpha heater in Canada today. With additional $18, you can add remote control to your order.

Detailed Specifications

✓Product name: Alpha heater

✓Power rating: 1200 Watts

✓Heating method: Ceramic heating system

✓Supply voltage: 120VAC

✓Application: Indoor use

How To Use This Heater

Using Alpha is simple, here are the steps required:

✓ plug it in US standard socket.

✓ Switch the power in on position to put it in standby mode.

✓Press the power button.

✓Adjust the temperature by pressing the temperature buttons marked positive and negative.

✓To adjust the fan speed, press and hold the temperature buttons simultaneously.

✓Press the timer button to adjust the heating time, You can go as high as 12 hours.

✓ To rotate the heater, press and hold the adjustment button at the back of the heater, then rotate the plug in your prefered direction.

✓ To shutdown, press the power button, the heater will blow cold air for about one minute to cool down the unit.

Note that the temperature is displayed in Celsius scale and always read the instructions manual before using it.

How Does It Work

Alpha heater draw power from the wall socket outlet, convert it to heat energy and blow it out with the help of in-built fan. It shut off automatically once the maximum temperature is reached (90 degrees Fahrenheit) or when the set time is elapsed.

Features – Alpha heater In Canada

See some of the amazing features of this handy gadget:

✓Ceramic exterior

✓Antimicrobial filter

✓Heating coil

✓Two pin plug

✓Temperature setting button

✓Programmable timer


Does Alpha Heater Really Work?

No doubt, Alpha Heater might not be the best indoor heater and it can’t compete with most high-end space heater sold today but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t worth the hype. It works best as a supplementary heating device, ideal for keeping smaller space warm during the Winter months. It is even faster than central heaters it offer remote and and portable heating. It power handling capacity can go as high as 1200 Watts which is enough to keep an average room warm irrespective of the temperature. It is smarter, Noiseless, and more economical.


Alpha heater is affordable, infact, it is the cheapest space heater sold today.

Here’s a rundown of the price:

One unit cost just $49.95 which is a discount from $100 regular price. Two units cost $94.91 which is a discount from $200 initial price.

Three units cost just $134.87 Which represents a massive discount from $300 original price. Four units costs $169.83 Which is another great offer. Finally, Five units is sold at $199 which is the best deal as of now. Original price is at $500.

However, these are discounted and the company might amend it anytime without notice though they promised to keep this price all Winter long.

Where To Buy Alpha Space Heater In Canada?

Well, there are other places you can buy this heating unit today though it it is mostly online. We’ev not seen it in some retail popular retail shop. All interested person are advised to by from the official website. Many people have been buying and they are extremely happy. They also promised to offer more discount to all our readers today.

Benefits Of Alpha Heater

Noiseless: Alpha heater makes no noise like some of its competitors, this is the best home appliance to use after long working hours in your workplace, and returning home you will need a quiet sleep to cool off your winter night. This heater will give you lots of utility with your money, using this gadget will not disturb you from making calls or watching television, it’s a zero-noise gadget that I can proudly recommend to anyone that wants to  enjoys a quiet and serene environment.

It’s more economical: This warming gadget is very economical, it doesn’t need any other supplementary device to perform (no chimney to be constructed, no extra heating device to be installed) just buy a single alpha heater and enjoy your cool-free sleep. Alpha heater is very affordable and with just a token of 49 dollars, you will enjoy a steady warm day at home. Considering the price of this gadget with the other price of other options, I bet you that the Alpha heater is still the most affordable and efficient heater.

Uniform heating: This device maintains an unchanging heating rating according to the user’s chosen mode. Once you plug in your alpha heater you will enjoy a stable and steady heating experience that best suits your body temperature, it also covers a wider range.

Remote Control: This is one of the interesting benefits of the alpha heater, it has a remote control that aids in its effectiveness. With this remote control you can turn on the device and also turn it off, you can also with this alpha heater remote set the mode that best fits your body temperature. This remote control also can be used to time the heater on/off. That is to say that you can comfortably operate this heater with just the remote and you don’t need to inconvenience yourself at all.

This remote control makes using this gadget very alluring. Thanks to the manufacturer for this wonderful feature.

It’s environmentally friendly: Alpha heater has no carbon emission, it is 100% pure and hygienic to humans and the environment, unlike our traditional methods of generating heat like burning of coals and fire woods that have a very negative impact on our health and also our environments at large.

Alpha heaters do not rely on burning any substance so no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Sleeping with your alpha heater turned on you will surely have the best warm and uninterrupted sleep.

Cons (Alpha heater Canada)

Before Buying, there are certain things you need to consider. We will be sharing with you some of the downsides so that you will make inform decision today.

Firstly, Alpha heater is not suitable in bathroom, and outdoors. People who want to keep those places warm are advised to avoid this is heater.

Secondly, it works best for medium sized rooms. Some people claimed that it can comfortably warm up to 400 square feet room. Sincerely speaking, this heater can’t keep such space warm. From our experience, it can keep up to 300 Square feet. People who have the intension to heat more space are advised to buy more.

Another draw back is that it is available online online, nothing even everywhere but on the company official website. Beware of scammers, you can’t find this heater in another place.

Users might pay shipping charges in some location even though the manufacturer claimed to offer free shipping.

Lastly, the stock is also limited. The company might run out of stock anything and nobody knows when it will come on sales again.

Why Is Alpha Heater Recommended?

With many heater available, many people will be wondering while everyone is talking about this particular space heater. Indeed, there are some reasons why it is the talk of the town.

See why it is the most trending heater today:

✓ Alpha heater is affordable

✓ Alpha heater is easy to use

✓ Alpha heater is safer than most portable heater

✓ Alpha heater is compact, portable, and lightweight

✓ Alpha heater is faster

✓ Alpha heater is Cordless

✓ Alpha heater saves much energy

What People Are Saying About it

Though there are mixed reviews, some are not completely thrilled but on average, everyone is satisfied.

Here are some verified reviews from Canada today:

I was super impressed with this heater. It works great for small spaces. We used it to warm up our garage while working on cars and in out mudroom. It provides a decent amount of heat for being small and is extremely quiet. Great value and great size for personal use. From Runethia Ontario, CA.

Another user user said that he likes it, according him, it works faster than similar brand he has used and he is recommending it to anyone who is yet to get quality space heater this winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the power rating?

Alpha heater is rated 1200 Watts (maximum) and 650 Watts (minimum).

Can I rotate this heater?

Yes, press the adjustment button and rotate the plug in horizontal direction.

What will happen if it falls?

Alpha heater will stop working automatically once it tip over but it might break depending one where it fall over.

How much an area will it cover?

Alpha heater can cover up to 350 square feet space.

How long Will it take for my order to arrive?

Shipping time varies but all orders are expected to arrived Within five working days.

Can I plugged it through a power adapter?

It is not recommended, we advised all buyers to plug directly in a standard US (Polarized plug) socket outlet.

Can I plug in an extension socket?

No, it is not recommended.

Is This Heater Safe Around Children and Pets?

Yes, as long as the appropriate amount of caution and care is taken when this heater is in operation, it is perfectly safe. This includes using extreme caution when a heater is used by or near children or pets. As a general rule, you should never leave any heater on unattended. Heaters are used to produce heat and its surface might be hot to the touch.

How do I contact customer support?

You can email the company at support@getalphaheater.com or you can call at +1 (866) 895-6759 if you have any questions or queries.

What does the shipping cost?

No matter what package you choose, shipping charges of $9.95 will apply to your order.

Can I Plug My Heater Into a Timer or Power Strip?

It not recommend plugging your heaters into anything other than your wall outlet. The reason for this is due to the amount of electricity used by heaters, which may be greater than what the timer or power strip is designed for. You can plug if it matches it’s specifications.

How can I made payments?

You can use PayPal or your credit card. They claimed that they have several payments methods.

Are there any other charges?

No, aparts from additional shipping charges, there are no hidden charges to worry about.

What is there refund policy?

You can return unused product Within 30 days of purchase. The company will not process your refund if you have used it or change the package.

What warranty does the product come with?

With $27, you can purchase  3-year warranty. For more information, visit the official website.

How do you restart your device if it tips over?

Turn off the device’s button and power it off. Then, plug it into the outlet. Allow the device to cool off for Five minutes then plug it back into the outlet and you can resume operation.

What does the package contain?

  • Alpha heater
  • User manual
  • Warranty card ( if you apply)
  • Remote control ( if you add it)

How long does it take to warm my room?

It all depends on other factors; Ambient temperature, heating speed, and the space you are trying to heat. In a medium sized room, it takes about 10 minutes.

Which Country Can Buy This Heater?

Alpha Heater is mainly for the US and Canada. For some reasons, the company is not selling to other countries. You can buy and ship to your loved One in other countries if you wish.

Who Needs The Alpha Heater?

Anyone looking to keep warm this winter needs it. Students need it to warm their reading desk but they must keep it away from papers, office workers need it, artisans, and all homeowners need it. Alpha heater is a quality addition to any home this winter season. People who wants to save money on their heating bills must have it and people who wants something faster, portable, Compact will also need it.


✓ Keep it away from flammable materials.

✓ plug it in a free wall.

✓ Always clean it, use vacuum cleaner to remove all dust particles which might lead to overheating.

✓ Don’t use it while sleeping or when not around.

✓ Don’t repair or open the heater, Alpha heater is not responsible for any injury or damage due to improper handling of the device.

Final Thought – Alpha  Heater Canada Reviews

Happy seeing you here, truly, there are tons of heaters for you today. Alpha heater is just an option. We recommend it because we believe it will make some difference, it has enough power to keep you warm all winter months, it is strong, durable, and encased in ceramic bodies. We recommend it to all our readers and any person looking for a quality heater.

Yes, we might receive a little Commission if you buy from our post but will advise you to buy if you are okay with its shortcomings. Alpha heater is for people who are interested in warming their personal space, and who want portable heating units. If You’re interested in Heating every corner simultaneously, we recommend you use your Central heater or you look for another brand.


Please understand that all the information in this post is for general information purposes only. We aren’t claiming that the Alpha heater is best, we only want to share what we know so that you can know more. Also note that this is not financial advice, look for a certified financial adviser for sound financial advice. Also note that we aren’t responsible for price inaccuracies, please visit the product sales Page for updated price.