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All you need to know about Start-stop batteries:

Today’s world is growing technologically in all fields, where all the problems will be resolved by using technology somehow. We all want to save money to an extent, especially people who own a car, it is relatable, that how bad it feels when it comes to spending excessive money on fuelling and regular maintenance costs. Although there a solution has come out in the market which lessens the worry and spending on fuelling and efficiency of batteries which is known as start-stop batteries.

These are the specially designed batteries used in modern cars to improve their fuel efficiency and overall efficiency of the car. Using these batteries will not only just benefit the vehicle user but the car itself either.  Comparatively the start stop battery used in cars are way more reliable and a pertinent source of effectiveness. Well, now the optimization and fuel efficiency not only depend on the battery completely, but your driving habits also matter,

If you are having a normal driving style with a start-stop battery installed in the car, it’s also more likely you will be able to save up to 15 % on fuel expenses. These batteries can be a money saver for you.

In this article, all the general information regarding these batteries will be shared which will be helpful if you are a complaint about efficiency issues. let’s get straight into this.

Why are these called Start-stop batteries?

These batteries are generally called, idle batteries which has a straight connection with their capabilities, The reason they are called start-stop battery is, these batteries are meant to be capable to powered and unpowered the engine automatically when the car is idle, especially in traffic jams and at traffic signals.

There is an option in the car, after pressing that button, your car will not be supplying power to the engine which is the main source of reducing fuel consumption and saving some extra fuel to increase its efficiency. Therefore these batteries are called start-stop batteries.

Types of start-stop batteries:

There are two prominent types of start-stop batteries which are, AGM batteries and EFB batteries. These two types of batteries are used in various machines depending on engine sizes and type of body structures. Both are highly reliable and have great usefulness.

AGM batteries:

The word AGM stands for Absorbent glass which is one the commonly used type of batteries in modern heavy-engine vehicles because these batteries are the most highly capable batteries in their category. In the early days, these AGM batteries were specifically designed for military vehicles, since the vehicles are large sized and demand more life cycles than the normal batteries, later on, these batteries received huge appreciation and were used in modern SUVs and other cars.

EFB batteries:

The second type of start stop battery is the EFB battery which stands for “ Enhanced Flooded Battery”. These batteries are the advanced and enhanced version of standard car batteries which are mainly created to work suitably with Start-stop vehicles. These batteries are typically wet-filled along with electrolytes and quite indistinguishable from “SFB” standard flooded batteries. Nevertheless, there are a few technical dissimilarities which make the EFB a better option to get more improved cycling power and charging acceptability for the car.

Additionally, these batteries are quite economical, average-powered start/stop batteries which are a great choice for everyday-use passenger sedan cars without any further power demands.

If an EFB battery is already installed in your car, you can swap between an AGM battery and an EFB battery easily. Keep in your mind, you can upgrade to an AGM battery only, which means you should not use the SFB battery in replacement. Similarly, cars designed for AGM batteries should not be replaced with SFB batteries or EFB batteries.

Can I use any battery on the start-stop car?

No! Rules should not be violated, which means you should not use any ordinary battery with start-stop vehicles, they require the start-stop battery only. Standard batteries are not generally appropriate for these types of vehicles and making any attempt with conventional batteries will lead to permanent battery failure. So, it’s better to avoid such risks.

Is it possible to jump-start a car with a start-stop battery?

Yes! It is possible to jump-start the vehicle along with a start-stop battery. Nowadays it is quite common and it’s better to understand such technicalities of the car. Hence, most start-stop vehicles can easily have a jump start in the exact same way as your traditional key ignition.

How long does the start-stop battery last?

This is an interesting question to answer, so, in general with good care of batteries, you can have a life span of more than 4 to 5 years. As these batteries are more powerful and efficient than conventional batteries. The life span of these batteries is more extended than the normal batteries which become useless after 9 months or 1.5 years of usage.

Is a special charge required for the start-stop battery?

If the vehicle is based on start-stop technology, then there must be EFB or AGM battery in the car. A standard charger for these batteries will not be suitable, you will have to get a specific charger for charging them.

Does a low battery affect the start-stop technology?

This is not only the case with the start-stop battery, it is the same for every type of battery, no matter the type of technology. It is recommended to use such a battery which produces the complete voltage. For instance, if the battery has a low charge count, the BMS management system automatically disables the start-stop functionality in the vehicle to empower the engine to get started.

How much fuel a stop-start battery saves?

Most car users will be surprised by its effectiveness, which is driving with regularity, your vehicle will provide you with up to 17 % fuel savings. Hence fuel efficiency also depends upon the maintenance of the car, the more you maintain the car, the more you will get fuel efficiency. So, it’s better to get serviced your car after a certain limit which will be effective for your car in the long run.