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The success of any business depends on how it manages risk without impinging value creation. Technology adoption, the introduction of diverse thoughts, and innovation are more important than ever to business leaders in a digital world. The corporate world requires too many advancements to remain competitive. Businesses need to embrace innovations and automate day-to-day operations to remain competitive. The introduction of digital transformation has compelled companies to adopt digitalization to boost productivity, expedite operations, and reduce risk. The market is more competitive than ever, and customers/clients expect value-added services from the companies. Therefore, each company needs to improve its productivity and stay up-to-date with the new technology. Businesses that do not follow the recent trends in the industry may fall behind and continue to lose market share. We are in an era when businesses must embrace technology to remain competitive and retain existing customers while growing market share.

Various factors enable a business to climb the ladder of success. Those factors create value and drive value. Unfortunately, not every business leader has the time to keep abreast of these advancements and innovations. Even if they can find the time to stay abreast, there is always uncertainty your first time through. Why not bring in a trusted advisor who has done this before? Would Luke Skywalker have been as successful without Obi-Wan? One such individual is Alex Sharpe – American cybersecurity, business strategy, and risk management professional who helps business owners grow while managing their cyber risks.

Businesses need to allocate capital to become even more efficient while finding new revenue streams in the current economic situation. At the pace of change, companies do not have the luxury of getting wrong and restarting. The improper capital allocation comes from a lack of experience and insufficient information. The right business consultancy allows businesses to improve their business models and grow them holistically instead of being relegated to history. Trusted advisors like Alex Sharpe can help businesses enhance their efficiency and overall performance by providing street knowledge and actionable counsel based on years of experience – this is not his first rodeo. There are multiple reasons that organizations hire an external advisor. Some hire consultants to choose a path. Most hire consultants to be a fresh set of eyes – identifying growth opportunities, improving productivity, and increasing the productivity of the existing staff. Others hire consultants to train their employees to operate the new technology. In today’s era, most businesses hire consultants to embrace technological innovations and digitize the work processes.

Cyber risk is now a board discussion. Boards are engaging consultants to mature their corporate cybersecurity programs and to protect business data. In addition to hiring external consultants because of their proven expertise, there are cost advantages and innovation enablement. Very few organizations have the existing staff in-house. If they do, it is not at scale. Often, the in-house cyber professionals are unaware of traditional corporate governance practices.    Data security is essential whether a business is based on 20 employees or 200,000. Therefore, the company needs to execute every practical strategy to prevent identity theft, hacking, and loss of essential data to cybercriminals. With the help of experienced cybersecurity consultants, businesses are stress-free while receiving guidance from consultants to incorporate proper cybersecurity measures. These consultants help businesses determine how to best respond to such attacks. With a proven track record in both business strategy and cyber security, Alex Sharpe can help organizations like yours create value while managing your cyber risk.

Born on November 19, 1962, Alex Sharpe is an American business strategist, cybersecurity, and risk management thought leader. He is the founder of Sharpe Management Consultancy LLC. Being a cybersecurity and privacy expert, Alex has delivered to clients in almost thirty countries on every continent except Antarctica. Born in Nutley, NJ, Alex received his BSEE from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in 1986 with concentrations in Computer Engineering, Math, and Computer Science. Later in 1995, he attended Johns Hopkins University to complete his master’s in Systems Engineering, Project/Program Management, and Operations Management. He subsequently completed two courses of study at Columbia Business School, receiving two awards of merit.

Alex Sharpe began his professional career at the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1986. He moved into the management consulting ranks, where he built practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. After gaining profound experience in business strategy and corporate governance, Sharpe co-founded two firms, including the Hackett Group, where he ran the eBusiness P&L for the firm, and eForce as the Vice President of Global Operations. He subsequently went on his own advising boards and senior executive on business strategy, cyber risk, complex program management, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Throughout his career, Alex regularly works with regulators, industry bodies, and standards organizations like the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), ISACA, InfraGard, Global Resilience Federation (GRF), the Global Digital Currency and Asset Association (Global DCA), the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), NIST and ISO.