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Advantages of video conferencing with iMind

Video conferencing is a tool widely used for personal and business needs nowadays. But not all companies are informed well enough about the helpfulness of this communication mode. That’s why we describe all the advantages of video conferencing as a mode of interaction. The iMind reviews present some of the core benefits of the iMind platform. 

What common benefits does video conferencing provide?

The main advantage of video conferencing is flexibility. It is a generalizing word that suggests the following aspects:

  • Saving time. Until online conferencing appeared, many events were just impossible to be organized because of how much time the organization required. It also touches upon such banal things as going to the office and back home.
  • Saving money. Every participant saves money by using an online conference. It refers to both personal expenses and corporate money.
  • Using extended technological opportunities. If a presentation in a conference room on-site requires a set of special equipment, online meeting releases organizers from caring about it.

Individual benefits can complete this list, but core points refer to these three factors. 

How to take even more out of it with iMind?

When your goal is working with high productivity, iMind is a platform that helps manage related issues masterfully. It allows for seamless connection and provides reliable communication channels irrespective of which plan you choose. The general quality of the app’s work is enhanced by the baseline features that help use the mentioned advantages with even more outcomes:

  • easy interface and algorithms help save time on managing the platform and teaching the teams;
  • perfect conditions for communication one-on-one or collectively help save time on asking things again;
  • recording the meetings allows people to rewatch them to find answers for things they didn’t get – it saves time on explaining multiply;
  • availability for both downloading and in-browser use saves time on installation and related issues;
  • limitless use for free plan saves money for people who work as freelancers or do not need extended opportunities of paid options;
  • simultaneous screen display helps operate information masterfully; combined with call recording, it can be a powerful tool for teaching and learning even in free usage.

The mentioned features refer to the free plan mainly. As it is logical to assume, chargeable variations provide even more considerable scope. 

Plans that enhance your possibilities

iMind offers four options convenient for different business sizes:

  • use for no charge – for individuals;
  • “Pro” plan – for small teams;
  • “Business” option – for small companies;
  • “Enterprise” – recommended for large businesses.

As the experience showed, the plans are indeed relevant to the requirements that each type of company feels. You can see it in reviews (e.g., on G2 source) or try by yourself.

The more people learn about video conferencing, the more they want to use it in business. And as the demand grows, the technologies develop. The iMind team does its best to keep up with modern requirements, and so far, the results are performant. Wanna see? Go to imind.com now!