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AddMotor Releases Its E-43 City Electric Bike, Employing Cutting-Edge Technology Both Internally & Externally

N.D., USA — AddMotor, a brand that has made its name throughout the years for producing top-of-the-line, affordable and efficient ebikes. One of the easiest ways to replace the usage of cars for commuting, thus, lowering the amount of money you spend on the monthly and giving you an eco-friendly way of commuting daily without any hustle. This has always been the moto at AddMotor and continues to be. And it certainly looks like the moto turns into a firm promise with the customer every time a new product is announced.This is certainly the case for Citypro E-43, a one of its kind.

Citypro E-43: A Game-changer in the Electric Bike Market

With Citypro E-43, we have made major leaps that have completely set us apart from our competitors when it comes to the adult electric bike market. The ebikes comes with a game-changer upgrade in the battery, with a 20 AH battery that gives not only a greater range, but a finer and more comfortable riding experience with a 21,700 cell combination capacity.

Addmotor has invented an advanced electrical system as well, called the EB 2.0 Light System, which not only brings ultimate visibility when you ride, but also increased impressive durability. The list does not just end here, for the company has also integrated an EB 2.0 48V * 500W Motor which brings with itself the ability to ramp up to over 907 peak watts. This means that these ebikes can help you climb hills and accelerate with ease, without creating any acceleration or power problems.

Tired of your current ebike’s range? You want to ride with your family on a weekend but are unable to due to the shortcomings of your machine? With Citypro E-43, you can ride to a range up to 125 Miles and even squeeze out some more. With a tried and tested range, this is perfect for that weekend getaway with your family, and not only that but it is a very precious commodity to have for a daily commute to work without wanting to spend too much of your precious capital.

With the addition of the latest High-Capacity 21700 Battery Cell Not only do your ebikes have a larger cell capacity (reaching 5000mha), but they also have a higher max discharge current, reaching 3C. For comparison, the Samsung 18650 2600mha is 2C. All that raw power coupled alongside with newly incorporated hydraulic brakes, these ebikes are a unique force to be reckoned with.

Other than the plethora of things that are happening on the surface, there is so much more that is going on subtly, and one of the examples of that is the EB 2.0 20A Controller This Addmotor-designed controller is upgraded to a chip-type which simplifies various circuit systems and reduces the space on the board. The small when it comes to the internals, the better and more efficient. Thus, the same power and efficiency, just packaged in to a smaller and more efficient packaging. These subtle electronic innovations lead to improvements in the outer electronics too, like the new EB 2.0 Muti Function LCD Display System. The benefits of this integrated piece of the system are the increased speed to 7 PAS which can not only satisfy your desire for speed, but including the left and right turning signals on the display screen which will allow for safer and more protected form of speeding.

When riding, you know you want to look sleek, and at the top of your game. You do not want anything holding you back, but you also do not want the free wheel of your ebike flying off at any time. And this is where AddMotor comes in.

The 6061 Aluminium Whole New Polygon Frame Design is the game changer. This not just what sets it apart from its competitors, but also from its predecessors from AddMotor. Unlike previous ebikes, we introduced a completely fresh polygon frame design on this bike, which is reflected in the upper frame, lower frame, and seat tube. It is sleek, minimalistic, durable and it is your wingman in style. Gone are the days for blocky and heavy bikes.

In order to really seal the deal aesthetic and functionality, we have incorporated the new and improved 26” X 2.3” Kenda Tires which come fully covered with large convex glue tread patterns. They are Anti-slip, durable while tested and studied, and suitable for many different terrains, which they can cover with no problems. All of this comes with a bonus advantage of the tears and their shape beautifully complimenting the entire structure of the ebikes, which all its radiant colours and profiles.

For the night owls, this machine comes with the most important bonus, and that is the new EB 2.0 Headlight and Taillight. These sets of lights have been specifically providing additional lighting functions as well. In their function, they are comparable to motorcycles and automobiles, while including driving light, left and right turn signals, danger light, flash light, brake lights and so on. All of this, in one entire package, with the front headlights illuminating the entire field of view perfectly at night, not only helping you feel safe, but keeping you so.

Most of us have an idea regarding functionality, such that, whenever a product comes with greater functionality, it is certainly expected to not be as aesthetically pleasing and is to lose some, if not all, of its cool points. We at AddMotor have flipped this idea upside down, giving you the latest, the most efficient bundle, packaged in class and fun. From a newer, more long-lasting 20AH Super Large Capacity Battery to an advanced electrical light system, we, at AddMotor incorporate these leaps in technology and durability without cutting your piece of the cake. The ebikes comes in eight different colours, all chosen meticulously and a sleek and modern design. Where you can have functionality with the fashion!

In order to access E-43 and order it, seek your nearest dealership, or order online at: https://www.addmotor.com/products/e-43



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