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A television series “You Should Be Dead” is written, produced and directed by Lucy Hunter

Corona del Mar, California, USA, June 1, 2023 – Two hundred teens in formal attire will descend on the New Port Theater in Corona del Mar on Sunday, June 4, 2023 for the premier of You Should Be Dead, a television series written, directed and produced by Lucy Hunter, a 15-year-old freshman at the Orange County School for the Arts.

The event will start at 4 p.m. with a red carpet followed by a pre-show event including speeches by Hunter and members of the cast. The actual screening is scheduled to start at 6:45 p.m. and will last about an hour.

The series is about a young teenage girl who dies from suicide in the winter of 1990, leading her best friend to search for her in a series of alternate dimensions. Hunter has written a total of 11 episodes so far with Episode Two scheduled to begin filming this summer. Episode 1 is titled A Death in Small Town America.

Hunter, who is part of the Film and Television Conservatory at OCSA, came up with the idea for the show in 2020, when she was 12. She started writing the script two weeks after her father died from cancer.

“I grew up watching hundreds of movies with my dad. I’ve always been more inclined for pieces of media that do not take place during present times. The whole 90’s aspect of the show was inspired by Twin Peaks, a show my dad and I used to watch,” said Hunter. “I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the movies my Dad would show me, which were typically from the 70s or 80s.”

“I’ve always loved directors who can direct horror in a compelling way. I feel like a lot of horror movies get overlooked because they are seen as a cash grab when in reality, I think being able to tell a gruesome story can be beautiful,” Hunter said.

This year, her first at OCSA, she decided to bring her script to life even though she had just learned how to film with a camera. She cast more than a dozen OCSA and Corona del Mar High School students, enlisted a student crew, and began filming around Southern California.

With a budget of less than $2000, Hunter had to be creative with her resources. She shopped for costumes and props at Good Will, begged neighbors to film in their homes, and recruited friends of her mom to play the role of parents.

As Hunter began filming, the project took on a life of its own. What started as a hobby evolved into an endeavor that has generated a lot of buzz and excitement on her school campus.

“It was really amazing to see all these kids come together and embrace Lucy’s vision and pour their hearts and souls into making this show,” said Tiffany Hunter, Lucy’s mom. “It

was a very rigorous filming schedule including many late nights but all the kids showed up prepared and excited to film.”

“It made sense to do a red carpet premiere to celebrate their collective hard work and also provide a venue where their friends and parents can see what they have been working on for the past six months.”

Now that filming has wrapped, Lucy Hunter is hopeful that someone in Hollywood will take notice and help her get the show professionally made.

“A dream I know I will accomplish one day is to professionally create the entirety of season one,” Hunter said. “I think that what makes the show so wonderful is that it is a collective of a bunch of kids coming together to create something. That’s what gives it its charm.”

The New Port Theater is located at 2905 East Coast High Way, Corona del Mar. Please RSVP to tiffanyhunter@gmail.com if you would like to attend.

You Should Be Dead will be available to watch on Youtube starting June 10.



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