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A Day to Remember: Sean and Orla’s City Hall Wedding in Dublin

Orla and Sean got married under the blue skies and smiley faces on a day as the City Hall in Dublin. Their wedding demonstrated how well they had prepared for it as well as the air around that was full of love. Over the years as a Dublin Wedding Photographer, I have had the opportunity to experience different special occasions, but there was something very special about this wedding which had the couple’s touches.

The Venue: A Photographer’s Dream

Any photographer would dream of shooting at City Hall in Dublin. Its grand pillars and sweeping staircase make great wedding shots. The architecture itself is an artwork offering spectacular settings to celebrate the marriage of Orla and Sean. However, let’s go back to the beginning of their day.

Morning Preparations: Details and Delight

Excitement filled the morning as preparation commenced for Orla and Sean’s occasion. It was fantastic, including the sophisticated wedding’s dress and the cute, yet playful outfit for the ring bearer. The vintage style wedding invitation, which looked like a traditional telegram, perfectly blended with the historical ambiance they found at their selected location.

When Orla came down the stair, dressed in her gown, she personified elegance. Seeing them together for the first time was just beautiful, another of my favorite shots and special memory to remember before proceeding to the city hall for the actual wedding ceremony.

The Civil Ceremony: Love Takes Center Stage

Amidst the breathtaking scenery at City Hall, Orla’s and Sean’s love shone in spotlight. It showed in every look, touch, and smile that both of them had towards one another. They started off their journey through a touching a candle-lightening ritual. Their happiness burst out after being pronounced husband and wife and their wedding celebration lasted throughout the night.

Capturing the Moments: A Photoshoot at City Hall

The beauty that came with their photoshoot in City Hall was just amazing. The navy-blue color that was used in the dresses for the bridal party gave the day an extra sophisticated touch. In this case, the family and group pictures were taken inside of City hall which brought about some sense of dignity. Such moments of laughter and love were some of the most memorable photos taken that day.

The Reception: Intimacy and Elegance

This was a demonstration of the couple’s meticulousness in organizing for their big day. The closeness of the gathering was evident as they chose a communal table. It was sincere speech, full with joy and celebration of their mutual love between Orla and Sean.

The Dean Hotel: A Cozy Celebration

We then embarked on our merry way to The Dean Hotel for the wedding dinner. It was warm and comfortable environment, festivity in the air and pleasant company. The hotel gave an urban chic mood for the party that night.

Reflecting on a Special Day

At all times, as a wedding photographer, I’m looking for something that is not fake but real. In this respect, Orla and Sean’s wedding lived up to expectations. Their city hall nuptial was quite remarkable as they had the perfect combination of colors, intimate setting and the happiness emanating form the bride’s face. I bid them farewell, hoping they would have many celebratory moments in their life time together.


Q: How do I schedule for a city hall wedding in Dublin.

A: You may call them direct on the phone or check out their official site online about how to go about booking your wedding in City Hall. A deposit might be required in order to book.

Q: Why should I choose to have my wedding ceremony in Dublin’s City Hall?

A: The benefits of a wedding to be held at this venue include that it is situated on the centre of the town, abundant daylight for nice shots, as well as an elegant and iconic ambience.

Q: Can one be allowed to hold a religious function at City Hall in Dublin?

A: No, City Hall is a secular and does not allow for marriage except for the ones that are civilly oriented or secular and humanist.

Q: What is the duration of an average wedding ceremony for the city hall?

A: An average wedding ceremony takes on, approximately, an hour.

Q: What should I prepare for prior to my wedding?

A: When choosing a date for your wedding you will have to confirm the date is available, submit the necessary documents, and so forth before the wedding day.

Q: What is the fee for wedding at Dublin’s city hall?

A: However, a Wedding costs somewhere between €1250 – €2000, depending on the hour duration and the available services package. Some extra charges may be incurred when making some specific requests or enjoying other services.

Q: Will it be okay if I put up some decorations at the venue?

A: Absolutely, you could design the set up for that wedding day. Nevertheless, some conditions might be imposed, hence it is advisable to find out more about them from the facility in question.

Q: What alternatives exist if one wants to get married at City Hall in Dublin?

A: Absolutely, other wedding venues close to Dublin City Hall exist like the Dublin castle that has great and splendid atmosphere.