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A comparison of the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen with other top wireless earbuds on the market

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) are undoubtedly on the podium of the best bluetooth headphones. The manufacturer Apple is one of the first to have marketed wireless headphones, with equipment of exemplary quality.

We are now used to the quality offered by Apple, and we will see that for this model, there are ultimately few negative points. Only one thing that people don’t like of apple is they do not offer us different colors like black, red, green. But now it’s not a big issue because as2.ae offer you Airpods pro 2ng gen black, green, red and your favorite colors.

Indeed, whether in terms of design, comfort, sound or functionality, the Apple AirPods Pro are very complete and of excellent quality.

Our review of the Apple AirPods Pro Bluetooth headphones

Overall, we are used to having good quality, precise, and powerful sound with the AirPods Pro. As far as this model is concerned, it’s never seen before. Apple has redesigned the earphones to offer even richer sound, with more precise features, particularly in relation to active noise reduction and “Transparency” mode.

Also, it is now possible to carry out touch controls with simple pressures on the branches of the headphones, this is very intuitive and functional.


Bluetooth connection

The Apple AirPods Pro obviously works in Bluetooth like all wireless headphones. This model is equipped with the Bluetooth 5.3 version, so it is one of the latest versions that currently exists and one of the most efficient versions.

Autonomy and charging

When it comes to battery life and charging, here’s what you can expect:

1. listening time is Up to 6 hours of with one charge.

2. listening time with the charging case Up to 30 hours.

3. 5 minutes of charging allows 1 hour of listening.

Technology Adaptive noise reduction

This new technology which already equipped the first generation of AirPods Pro is also present for this model and it has even been improved! This technology allows you to neutralize the noises of your environment in order to make your listening immersive.

Also, they offer a “transparency” mode that allows you to reconnect to your environment if someone is talking to you, for example. It will be enough to activate this mode directly with a pressure (touch) on the headphones or using your smartphone.

Location of earphones

The 2nd generation Apple AirPods Pro are equipped with the U1 chip within the charging case. This allows you to precisely locate your box. That is to say that if you lose your headphones or you do not know where you put them, it is possible to locate them with your smartphone. We are used to this location with a radius of a few meters. Nevertheless, with this new U1 chip, you can locate them within a few tens of centimeters.