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A cast floor is very popular, but what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The most widely recognized kinds of gietvloeren for homes are made of polyurethane tar (PU cast floor) or epoxy pitch (EP cast floor). Polyurethane is known for its versatility and solace (can be joined well with under floor warming), while an epoxy floor is rock hard and impervious to weighty (mechanical) loads. It is likewise conceivable to make blends of these saps with, for instance, rock or quartz. The floors can alternatively be done with a substantial look.


What are the benefits? Such a story is exceptionally clean since it is projected flawlessly. They are fluid tight and soil safe, fluids don’t infiltrate. As a general rule, they can get hammered and because of the pouring application, they are reasonable for any surface.

The appearance is smooth and present day and the floor can be laid over the whole ground floor, for instance, so the lounge, kitchen and lobby are consistently associated. A wide range of top layers can be applied, like enemy of slip.

Obviously there are additionally inconveniences. Since the floor is super smooth, you will rapidly see hair, dust and other foulness, particularly in floodlighting. It could make a genuine Demeanor or Jan Legitimate anxious.

The floor might yellow or stain. You see this particularly with light tones and less expensive floors. They are likewise scratching delicate; Stiletto heels or potentially kids on tricycles are not suggested. A decent scratch-safe top layer can generally settle this. Pouring the floor takes a ton of time, rely on four to five days, during which time the rooms can’t be placed.

It is conceivable, however not prescribed to Introduce a cast floor yourself. Set an expert or lady to work. While buying, you ought to focus on the sort of floor, the nature of the unrefined components and the layer thickness.


A third choice is a genuine beton cire vloer. This comprises of concrete in addition to materials like sand, rock or squashed stone. At the point when the substantial has restored adequately, the top layer is sanded open, after which a wear-safe material is sprinkled in. This can be in a shade of your decision. This floor is likewise appropriate for under floor warming and is additionally wear and variety safe. Once more, in any case, it can shrivel and grow, which can cause breaks; spotting can likewise be an issue.

What does such a cast floor cost? This  obviously relies upon many elements, like the decision of material, the quantity of layers, the substrate and the quantity of square meters. What’s more, do you go for a financial plan contender or for the subject matter expert on egaline vloer ? Overall, one might say that a PU cast floor costs somewhere in the range of 60 and 80 euros for each square meter (barring Tank), while an epoxy floor costs 45 to 72 euros. A substantial floor costs around 73 to 97 euros for each square meter.

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