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A. Alberto Lugo Gives Five Reasons to Travel to Lesser-Known Destinations

Every year, the same destinations repeatedly top lists detailing the world’s most popular and traveled-to places. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Bali in Indonesia, and the French capital of Paris, for example, are just some of the many consistently widely touted places to vacation. However, for A. Alberto Lugo, it’s all about visiting lesser-known destinations instead.

Androsky Lugo is a founding partner at a leading Southern California-based architectural firm. Accordingly, his time is precious, meaning that every vacation counts. With that, he’s keen to champion a handful of reasons to head off the beaten track and travel to lesser-known parts of the world, starting with learning about new cultures.

Learning About New Cultures

Culture exists everywhere, it’s about learning about new and different cultures when traveling. The architectural firm founding partner and avid traveler recommends immersing yourself in the local atmosphere and trying regional foods. That’s in addition to speaking to locals and learning about their customs and values while exploring an area’s history and landmarks.

Opportunities to Explore the Wilderness

By heading off the beaten track, intrepid travelers like A. Alberto Lugo also get to explore proper areas of wilderness. Furthermore, these wilderness areas grant the California-based architectural firm founder the opportunity to indulge in several of his other passions. These passions include fishing and practicing his survival skills, where he enjoys venturing into the mountains and other areas of wild terrain to explore.

More Cost-Effective Trips

Another perk of traveling to lesser-known places is the potential to save money. Flights and other travel arrangements may cost more than getting to more popular destinations. But accommodation, activities, and other necessities often cost a fraction of the price when traveling to lesser-known parts of the world versus the likes of Dubai and Paris. You can then spend the difference on making memories in an exciting, new place.

Supporting Local Economies

Aside from the perks on offer to travelers, he has another reason for heading away from the usual tourist trails. By doing so, the architectural firm founder points out that you can support small, local economies in places not generally seen by tourists and other travelers. As such, it’s a great way to give something back to different communities around the globe.

Seeing More of the World

And last but by no means least, the fifth of his handful of favorite reasons to travel to lesser-known parts of the world – seeing more of the planet we call home. It’s as simple as that. By merely adjusting your travel habits, you can easily learn far more about the world and its many wonders, all by just exploring a new and unfamiliar place.

From learning about new cultures to supporting local economies, architectural firm founding partner A. Alberto Lugo says the perks of traveling this way are clear and plentiful.

Also, consider the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences, connect with unfamiliar aspects of nature, and make special memories away from the usual crowds of tourists. The result is that travelers across the board have the makings of a lifetime of extra-special future trips and vacations. These are the sort of extra-special future trips and vacations often overlooked by more casual holidaymakers and jet-setters focused exclusively on established must-see destinations.