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8 New Flower Ideas for Your Wedding

When preparing for your wedding, you will realize that big-day staples such as entertainment, venues, and menus can cost an arm and a leg. As you are reeling from the shock of how expensive these must-haves are, it will also hit you that your décor elements, including the flowers, can consume a significant chunk of your budget, depending on the style and size of the occasion. If you insist on sticking to the budget, you might have to devise a solution to keep these numbers in check.

The good news is that your dream wedding can come to life without making big sacrifices, especially in the floral décor front. You only have to be strategic about the amounts, types, and seasonality of the blooms you select, and this will help you and the florist create florals without breaking the bank. Yes, elegance and affordability do not have to be mutually exclusive.

To bring your wedding bloom to life, consider an individual bloom and discover how beautiful it is. Let each bloom breathe and have its moment. You can opt for single-stem cluster centerpieces instead of classic iterations requiring multiple flower types. In this piece, you will learn eight flower ideas that will be elegant yet save you some bucks.

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1.  Orange Carnation Flower Overheads

With the best flower delivery Central Coast, you can get the most affordable and elegant flowers to mark your big day. Top of the list is the Orange Carnation Flowers. These versatile and vivid carnations radiate a warm, sweet, and vibrant energy. With their beautiful tangerine colors, the carnations appear with a very optimistic and esteemed overtone that is bright and appealing. The textured petals lead inwards with a whirl, making the flower shine even more brilliantly, giving it a feisty personality. On the other hand, the foliage keeps the liveliness with its sharp contrast.

The Orange Carnation is a perfect substitute for garden roses or peonies. While they get a bad rap from some, they can provide wonders when handled by an experienced floral designer. You will surely love how its saturated color will fade to a soft peach at the torrent’s end. This will give way to the neutral tabletop arrangement.

2.  Affordable Flower Walls

The flower wall backdrop always steals the show when planning a lush wedding décor. This charismatic décor will attract the most attention regardless of the venue’s elegance and surroundings.

Many weddings are arranged with artificial flower wall panels. While everyone desires to use real flowers in their wedding event, it is to find gaps in cost when reality checks. Using red hydrangeas for your wall is expensive. But you can replicate the same feel and look with a red rose wall. You can also look for different designs and arrangements for your floral wall. You can not run out of ideas on this one.

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3.  Tulips

Tulips are among the most famous flowers with a rich history. These are erect flowers with long, broad, and parallel-veined leaves with a cup-shaped double or single flower at the tip of the stem. The flower colors can range from red to white to yellow. While seasonality affects the availability of some flowers throughout the year, tulips are an always-available option. You can consider an arrangement of a single flower bouquet consisting purely of the variety.

4.  Greenery Centric

Foliage is becoming as coveted as flowers when giving your wedding décor a modern yet romantic feel. The approach utilizes budget-friendly and naturally beautiful herbs, greenery, and plants such as lavender, ferns, rosemary, ivy, succulents, air plants, and lamb’s ear.

5.  Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is also known as Gypsophilia. It has been known in the floral world as an affordable filler bloom for bouquets, but recently, it has cemented its position as a versatile wedding flower. It is delicate, inexpensive, and perfect for creating the most awesome chic and artistic displays. You can use it in any aspect of your wedding, from décor to centerpieces to buttonholes and everything in between.

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6.  Orchids

Orchids are timeless exotic flowers that are a favorite of many. They bring out an air of mystery in your wedding. Moreover, they boost beauty and refinement, making an elegant accent to any arrangement.

7.  Single Bloom

Simplicity is genius, and sometimes less is more. You can utilize mostly-greens shelves as part of your décor with a single red rose that will bring a pop of color and intrigue to the simple stations.

8.  Pop of Bright Colors

Why would you settle for something ordinary when you can choose a pop of colors? A beautiful pop of colors and some pastel and white flowers can cut the monotony and make a simple yet gorgeous marriage decoration. It will be perfect if you love a hint of color but nothing too loud.

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Your big day has to be marked with style, pomp, and merriment. One way to ensure the day succeeds is by nailing your décor. Your flower arrangement is crucial in how the décor will come out. So, it would be best if you got it right.

While there are expensive flower arrangements, you do not have to break the bank with them. You can settle for more affordable arrangements that will appear elegant at half the price. The above ideas are just some that you can utilize for your floral wedding arrangement. You can come up with others or blend the above to create something unique. Be creative; you will have the best wedding décor that looks amazing yet costs less.