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8 Inspirational Graphic Design Blogs To Boost Your Creativity In 2023

One of the finest aspects of graphic design is that it never stops evolving. At the same time, keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, and technology might be difficult.

Are you caught in a rut, behind the times, or out of sync?

Then perhaps you should extend your horizons. This is where graphic design blogs come into play.

A renowned graphic design agency in London employs a team of experienced professionals who research thoroughly before posting a blog on their website. So, following such blogs can help you stay ahead of the game and keep you updated with the latest trends.

Why is keeping up with the latest graphic design trends important?

●  Customers expect businesses to be up-to-date

Good design is vital for businesses because it can aid in the creation of an emotional connection with clients, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Moreover, businesses can demonstrate that they are keeping up with the times and care about their customers’ experiences by following the newest design trends.

●  Enhance creativity and customisation

Some people consider graphic design superfluous, but businesses should not. It enables business owners to customise their websites according to their vision.

Also, graphic design trends offer a framework to firms to get innovative and creative within.

●  Attract new customers

Graphic design trends are essential for businesses that want to cut above the rest and bring in new clients. So, customer satisfaction, increased sales, and better brand perception are the results of keeping up with new graphic design ideas.

●  Get an edge over your competition

What was famous last year might not be a big deal this year. However, it might be after a few years. After all, everything old becomes new again!

Moreover, website visitors are more likely to purchase from a modern website. So, gaining contemporary knowledge in graphic design allows you to get an edge over your competitors.

Which graphic design blogs should you follow this year?

1.  Bright Creation Web Design

Bright creation is one of the best graphic design agencies London, specialising in sophisticated and high-end designs. They provide solutions according to standard marketing principles.

They aim to communicate your brand message intricately to your target audience by creating attractive graphic designs for websites, brochures, social media, and others.

Their professional team includes experts from various fields, from graphic designers to marketers. So, you can also get all the solutions under one roof.

As a result, you can find a variety of topics in their blog section. For example, news, the latest trends, guides, and actionable tips.

2.  Behance graphic design gallery

Behance graphic design gallery was founded in 2005, and later in 2012, Adobe acquired it, making it a highly popular platform for hosting online portfolios. However, with so many creatives utilising it, it might be tough to discover the needles in the haystack.

As a result, this blog meticulously curates the most recent and greatest graphic design work to appear on Behance, such as logos, posters, branding, and packaging.

3.  Canva design school

You might have heard about Canva’s design school for its free-of-cost design tutorials. Recently, they have also started blogging to engage with their creative community. You can find abundant inspiration from book cover designing to 404-page designing guides.

Canva allows you to learn how to design your smallest project, like a t-shirt design, to the biggest project, like designing a brand.

Canva also offers tools to create various digital elements, from posters to brochures. So, you can hire graphic design agencies UK to furnish the best design through Canva.

4.  Abduzeedo

A Brazilian graphic designer, Fabio Sasso, established Abduzeedo in 2006.

It features everything about UX, design, and photography. Experts across the world share blogs related to visuals and design on the platform.

It has been one of the best graphic design blogs in the creative landscape. Today, you can find insightful tutorials and articles on graphic design, illustration, web design, photography, 3D graphics, and the latest updates on the design industry.

5.  High on design

The brilliantly named ‘high on design’ was established by Wix’s design team. This blog contains every instruction and information required to become a successful graphic designer.

Whether you are a business owner wanting to build a brand or a budding graphic designer, the High On Design blog offers every detail. You can find interviews with creative experts, free tutorials, book recommendations, and more.

6.  Made by Folk

A team of young designers and vagabonds established ‘FormFiftyFive’ in 2007 to gather and share the finest design work they came across.

Later, it became an international display of creative work, and they renamed it to ‘Made by Folk.’ Also, they incorporated more interactive elements to exchange ideas easily. As a result, it developed from just a design blog to a collaborative platform.

However, apart from a professional graphic designer, you will also need the best website design company to get the best of the digital world.

7.  Creative Blog

Creative Bloq is charged with guides, the latest news, and inspiration. It stands as one of the most in-demand platforms for creative individuals and provides a daily dose of design tips and tricks.

Its articles envelop all the aspects of graphic design, including illustration, 3D, and animation.

Keep up with the latest movie logos, sports logos, and design software sales. At Creative Bloq, you can hear what professionals have to say about the finest web hosting services and where to acquire free typefaces.

The best part? Followers are often provided with complimentary resources and freebies to sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge.

8.  Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an excellent resource for workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities.

You can receive important suggestions and expand your experience by consulting a range of how-to guides and case studies. Each article contains a reading time estimate so that you can include them in your frantic schedule.

In conclusion

Organisations that regularly read graphic design blogs will likely churn out the best designs for their business in partnership with the graphic designer London.

Moreover, various blogs are available at your fingertips which makes getting graphic design knowledge easier. So, refer to the list mentioned above and fill your bowl of knowledge to the brim.