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8 Best Places to Visit in Lakshadweep 2024

The hidden gem of India is finally up and shining at its brightest! Let us tell you that there is a place in the middle of the Arabian Sea that is not like an ordinary tourist spot but a true coastal heaven. Lakshadweep, which is situated on the coast of India, is a place filled with unique experiences waiting to be explored. This enclave of 36 islands is pure bliss for all coastal seekers and water-babies.

Planning a getaway with friends? Lakshadweep is the home of numerous thrilling activities that will give you an adrenaline rush. Perfect for family and work trips with your partner, this is a must-visit place in 2024.

We, being your best travel guide, will be taking you on a virtual trip where you will discover the best places to visit in Lakshadweep. So, prepare yourself for exposure like never before!

Lakshadweep Tourism

This underrated tourist spot is more than just amazing scenery! Lakshadweep is a heaven of water sports, a home of exotic birds, a blend of Indian and Maldivian culture, and most of all, a retreat from city life! 

So, now the question arises, what should I expect from your Lakshadweep tour? Well, a rich marine life, to say the least! You get to witness historical monuments reciting their stories, beaches calling you to lay on the sand, and a coastal culture that will warm your heart. 

Moreover, the best part is that the Lakshadweep tourism cost is so affordable that you can enjoy it to the fullest without losing your hair over expenses.

Top Places to Visit in Lakshadweep 

While planning a trip to a place that has to offer not just one or two, but tons of different attractions, it kind of becomes important to know where to go! Lakshadweep tourist spots are endless and each venue has something unique to offer. In this segment, we have covered some of the incredible Lakshadweep places to visit:

Minicoy Island

Also known as Miliku, this island is one of the most well-known Lakshadweep sightseeing places. Inspired by the Maldivian culture, the island is basically a central hub for the sister islands. Here you can enjoy the lighted lagoon, historical sites like Tajuddun’s Furlong, and relax at Viringili Beach. Minicoy Island is a perfect place for you to roam around with your partner and witness the white sand colliding with the sea.

Amini Beach

Are you a water support enthusiast? If yes, then we have an amazing place to see in Lakshadweep- Amini Beach! Here you get so many water activities to test your skills like snorkeling, scuba diving, reef walking, etc. This Lakshadweep tour place is best for relaxing and soaking in the sun with your family or partner.

Bangaram Atoll

Have you ever seen a paradise on Earth? If you haven’t, we have a place you need to go, Bangaram Atoll! This is a small island near Agatti known as the hotspot for luxurious resorts and thrilling water sports. If you are someone who wishes to get away from the modern world and have a stress-free time, Bangaram is for you.

Pitti Bird Sanctuary

With over 75 species of seabirds, Pitti Bird Sanctuary is one of the best Lakshadweep places to see for birdwatchers and nature lovers! Although one of the greatest bird sanctuaries, Pitti is not just about birds! It is about witnessing endangered species like sea turtles, which is a perfect add-on to the coral shores. 

Marine Museum

If you are visiting the islands with your kids, it is a must to take some time out for this place! The Marine Museum is a splendid combination of education and entertainment. You can witness the skeleton of a shark that is installed along with various species of fish. This place has a great role in educating individuals about the importance of marine life.


If you have a hidden historian within you, this place will be just the right one to satisfy that part! Andrott is the largest of all 36 Lakshadweep islands and is home to the historical Makkah Mosque. Not only that, but this island holds a rich history, including Fort Duncan, which was a 17th-century British fort. At Andrott, you can also enjoy beach bliss and sunbathe with some underwater enchantment. 


In simple words, Agatti is a gateway to paradise that presents you with turquoise water, majestic beaches, and coral reefs like never before. Once you enter this place, you will be welcomed by the local villagers, traditionally and you can also join them in their cultural dance and sports. Agatti offers you a lot of fun water activities, including a transparent boat and enjoying marine life up close.


Get ready to surround yourself with a surreal view filled with tall palm trees and magnificent beaches at Kalpeni Island. Test your skills with different water sports, or take a luxurious cruise to Thinnakara Island. For a magical view, you can also climb the Kalpani lighthouse! The raw island culture makes it the best of all Lakshadweep places.

Lakshadweep tour packages

We all understand that Lakshadweep has very recently become a tourist attraction due to the gems that are hidden. The fact itself makes it a bit important to pre-plan the complete tour so that you don’t miss out on anything. If you are planning your next coastal trip, NextHolidays has got your back! Find one of the best Lakshadweep holiday packages that will allow you to experience some of the best entertainment that place has to offer. For more details, you can always check out the official website of NextHolidays.

Let’s End the Virtual Cruise

Lakshadweep is not your typical seaside vacation spot. The island offers you magical marine life, white-sand beaches and so much more. All 36 islands have something unique to offer, making this place a perfect blend of entertainment and education. If you are a seeker of things as old as time, Agatti will tell you the story of their existence. Whereas, Minicoy Island will let you experience the Maldivian culture. 

So, don’t wait for anything and book your Lakshadweep vacation packages from the best travel agency, NextHolidays!