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7 Tips to Avoid Boring Your Audience with Your Presentation

Most of us have experienced a boring presentation at least once. Boredom in presentations, whether online or offline, happens when the speakers are so focused on the script that they forget about audience engagement.

Have you ever been a part of a boring presentation? Have you ever been a speaker for such presentations for your business? Have you ever struggled to engage your attendees? If yes, you must be keen to learn the tips to avoid such situations in the future. 

The article explains the 7 best tips that you can follow to stop boring your attendees and improve audience engagement.

Avoid Reading from Script

Being a presenter or a speaker, the chances are that you must have prepared a script for your online conference presentation. While preparing scripts before presentations is a good habit, reading the text word for word makes it monotonous. Rather than reading your script, try to understand the content, make bullet points, and use your mind map. 

Never Read from PPT Slides

While PowerPoint Slides are the best way to present any concept interactively, reading content from the slides can make it boring. Not only does it show that you are under-prepared, but also that you do not have a good grasp of the topic. Explain each slide in your own words to engage the audience in your online conference presentation sessions. 

Be Active and Logical  

Presenting something using facts, statistics, and data can be logical, but it can result in a lame presentation. We are emotional beings and our feelings sometimes override logic. Be active and connect with the audience interactively. Being a logical presenter, try to deliver facts, statistics, and data in a way that listeners can emotionally link with the topic.

Use Stories and Examples 

Nothing can make the topic more engaging than real-life examples. Storytelling, we all know, is an intuitive way to connect with the audience – both online and offline. Take your attendees on an emotional roller coaster and they will never feel distracted. Engage them by asking if they have something to share from their past experiences. 

Maintain an Appropriate Body Language

When presenting to a huge audience, strong and positive body language is significant for building credibility. Your actions are non-verbal that speak louder than your words, express your emotions in the right manner, and help connect with the listeners. Positive and congruent body language can help you win that pitch. 

Show the Audience that You Care

As a speaker, your presentation must focus on the audience. If you are speaking about the product, the emphasis must be on discussing the benefits rather than the features. When you do this, your audience feels connected. Your audience wants to know WiiFM (What’s in it For Me), so demonstrate what your audience is going to get from the presentation. 

Give Your Audience Time to Think

Asking questions in the presentation is one of the best ways to engage your audience. Your audience would like to clear any doubts at the end of the session. However, when you are asking questions in between to engage the audience, give them time to think about the topic as they can then answer any question mindfully. 


You can make your next presentation interesting and engaging by considering the above-mentioned tips. So, be prepared, rehearse before the presentation, and avoid memorizing anything to make the topic more interactive.