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7 Tips On How to Plan for a Perfect Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon is the most romantic season for every couple, this season brings out the most romantic side of lovers. The season is perfect for enjoying hot tea with your favorite snacks. Rainy is the season known for sitting back and enjoying the cool weather but if you had to plan for a wedding at the peak of the season that can be a big task in your hands. 

A wedding needs a lot of planning like venue, guest list, Indian Wedding Cards, decorations, and wedding dresses. But a monsoon wedding needs much more than that. Planning a wedding in the other seasons is super easy but a wedding during the monsoon season needs a magical touch.

Getting married during the monsoon season is a dream come true but it can ruin hairstyle, makeup, and decoration, that’s scary. But you can still make your wedding flawless and keep it fuss-free with these following monsoon wedding planning ideas.

Check the Weather Forecast: Scared of heavy downpour on the wedding day, don’t let heavy rain disturb your plans. Numerous weather forecasting apps can help predict the forecast very accurately. Before booking the wedding date, venue and other essentials make sure to check the forecast. It is better to be prepared beforehand for the surprises that might come your way. It helps you in making special arrangements as per the weather conditions.

Pick a Waterproof Venue: The indoor wedding venue is a blessing for monsoon weddings, these are the best venues you can opt for. But if you do not want to spend your wedding day in artificial lights then you need to search and book a wedding venue that has both outdoor and indoor spaces to offer. The banquet hall might be a good backup option in case of a heavy pour. The geographical location of the venue is also important. Ask the managers of the venue if its surroundings have a good drainage system with no water clogging. The fabric drapes used must be less unless the venue has a protective tent above.

Vibrant & Quirky decor: For most people, the monsoon is the best season for weddings as they can feel more romantic on a rainy day. The cool and stunning weather that offers the breeze and drizzle makes the perfect backdrop for taking beautiful pictures. Always go for bright colors with your wedding dress and match the wedding theme with vibrant color decors. The one thing a monsoon wedding prevents you from using is paper flowers and origami in your wedding decoration themes. You must go for real and fresh flowers. One most important piece of advice, keep them away from rainwater.

The Monsoon Food Menu: The only thing people remember besides the bride and groom is the food that is served at a wedding. It is important to pick food items as people love to eat. For a Monsoon wedding food menu, fresh vegetables and salads are not the wise selection. You can add some spicy food items to your food menu that goes well with rain. For desserts, you can pick any hot served dessert. Last but not the least, Tea and coffee are the best choices as beverages.

Wear light & waterproof makeup: Bridal makeup and the wedding outfit depend on each other heavily as one must compliment the other. So the bride must go for the light makeup that goes well with her bridal outfit perfectly. The bride must go for waterproof makeup to stay on the top for the whole day. Heavy makeup might cause discomfort due to the humidity and rain. The bride can easily take photos in the rain with her waterproof makeup on.

Pick your footwear right: The next thing you need to make your day flawless is the perfect footwear for your wedding. Monsoon is known for making the soil moist and soft. Do not use high heel sandals as it makes you struggle and keep your discomfort level high. Flat footwears are the best option you can choose for your wedding day. 

Heads up for Outstation Guests: The most important person for a wedding is the bride and groom but without guests, a wedding is not called to be the perfect one. So you need to inform each and everything including weather conditions. It will help them to prepare accordingly.