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7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home

Choosing the right paint colour for your home can be a daunting task. You want something that will make your house look stunning and reflect your style, but you also don’t want to make a mistake that you’ll regret later. To help you decide on the perfect hue, here are seven tips to consider when selecting the right paint colour for your home.

How to Pick the Right Paint Colors for Each Room

When selecting the perfect paint colour for your home, it can be tempting to be attracted to the latest trends and fashions. However, you should consider a few things before making any decisions. The most consideration is understanding how your interior decorating style will affect the final look. Here are seven tips for picking the perfect paint colour for your home:

Do Your Research

Before you head out to the paint store, research and find out which paint is right for your home; knowing what’s trendy and what works best in certain areas can give you a great starting point as you begin narrowing down options. The internet is replete with information on the different types of paint and their characteristics. You can also find paint swatches online that will show you how different colours look in your home. Ask friends or family members who have recently painted their house, or contact a local painter in Parramatta https://swpd.com.au/painters-parramatta/ for advice about what colours are tending.

Take Samples Home with You

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is always a good idea to grab sample sizes of each of them before buying a gallon or more of any colour. That way, you can see how they look in different rooms with different lighting and furniture to ensure they are exactly what you want before committing fully. It can also help narrow down your options if several different shades interest you since they’ll all be on display together.

Consider Lighting & Natural Elements

The natural light that comes in from outside and any other prominent elements, such as wood floors, should be considered when picking out paint colours so that they work together rather than against each other. Consider how certain shades will look at different times of day when exposed to sunlight versus artificial light bulbs or shadows in the afternoon or evening hours. Not only will this help create an overall look for your space, but it’ll also ensure that each room within your home has a distinct personality or colour scheme.

Test it Out First on Smaller Spaces

When picking a paint colour, it’s important to remember that not every shade of the same colour will work in all rooms. If possible, try painting a small wall section with the colour before covering an entire room. It will help ensure it looks as good as you thought it would once be applied to the wall rather than picking straight from the online sample sheet or digital image. It could save you time and money if it turns out not to be what you were expecting.

Match the Feeling You Want to the Colour

Consider the mood and feel of your room when picking the colour. If you’re going for a bold statement, go with a brighter tone. If you want to make your space cosy and warm, pick something more on the muted side. A bedroom with a soft blue tone might be a good choice for someone who wants to relax and unwind after work, while an office with neutral colours will be a better choice for someone who wants to focus on their work.

Understand Undertones

For your paint colour to look uniform and smooth, it needs to match the actual colour of your walls. This means understanding how specific colours work together across different surfaces and how they will change throughout the day. For example, if you have yellow walls in your kitchen and white trim on the cabinets, then you’ll need to choose a cream-coloured paint that will bring out the yellow tones in the wall while still looking like it’s part of your overall scheme.

Follow the Three-Paint Colour Rule

A good rule of thumb when selecting paint colours is to use them as accents rather than as the main focus of your home. If you try making each room look like its own world, it won’t work out well! To get an accurate idea of what colours work well together in your home, follow the three-paint colour rule. Your walls should be one-third each of warm colours (red, yellow and orange), one-third of cool colours (blue, green and purple), and one-third of neutrals (white). You can add pops of other colours if they fit into this scheme.

Final Takeaway

Choosing the right paint colour for your home can seem like a daunting task, but with these seven tips, it doesn’t have to be! Do your research beforehand by looking at trends in local design styles and taking samples home with you so that when it comes time to actually pick out a shade and apply it to walls throughout your house, there won’t be any surprises! Testing out smaller spaces before committing fully and considering lighting and natural elements can help ensure that your home looks amazing; when all is said and done, your home looks fantastic!

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