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7 Tactics That Will Help You Buy Gemstone Jewelry in 2023

Here is a complete Guide that will assist you to procure the best quality Gemstone jewelry to surge your beauty and elegance with the everlasting uniqueness and shimmer of gemstones.

     We have compiled this guide in 7 steps.

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  • Equip Yourself with Adequate Research About Gemstone Jewelry

If you are passionate to adorn yourself with the most beautiful gemstone jewelry, you need to be thorough with your homework.

This typically includes crawling through the web and collecting every ounce of information about different gemstones available in the market like Opal Jewelry, Larimar Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, etc.

You should be spending a considerable amount of time learning about the attributes of gemstones. Like their colour shades, their patterns and types, whether are they transparent or translucent, their size and weight and all such attributes that collectively make a particular gemstone alluring and exquisite.

Analyzing them from an astrological point of few like which zodiac sign they are favourable for, which birth month they are associated with, their healing properties etc. is also significant to making the best choice.

Don’t ever make the blunder of going straight to the jewelry outlet without any prior homework.

Your head will be blown off after getting perplexed on seeing the endless types and varieties of gemstone jewelry there.

Be specific about two or three gemstones at least. Make sure your scope of choice is narrow and straight.

  • Be Sure About Your Budget

Jewelry shopping without proper budget planning is like driving a car that is already short on fuel without a map.

You will end up getting nowhere, besides getting your fuel wasted.

After cheery-picking a few potential gemstones that are within the scope of your interest, you need to compare their prices with your overall budget.

There is no point in drawing a comparison amongst the prices of different gemstone jewelry. Each gemstone is unique in its way, and its prices usually depend upon its demand and level of scarcity.

If you are ready to invest a good chunk of your saving in your gemstone jewelry, then highly valuable gemstones like Opal jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry can be among your choices.

Go for Black Opals. They are one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones (besides being costly; $10,000/caret).

Even if you want to shop within a restricted budget, the sparkling gemstone jewelry market could serve you with multiple choices, without compromising upon ty and value for money.

Moonstone jewelry, amethyst jewelry and Garnet will let you flaunt your elegance in a budget-friendly manner.

  • Don’t Stick to a Single Outlet

Gemstone Jewelry shopping is quite similar to clothing shopping (both are a significant part of fashion).

You need to sneak out into several outlets before finalizing a piece.

Every gemstone, even of the same category, would be always different across every factor. You want to explore multiple designs and colour shades within your preferred gemstone/s.

Visit at least three or four reputed and reliable outlets, that can serve you with a myriad of designs across specific gemstones and ornaments.

Avoiding going to an unorganized market or outlet.

The aim is to let you make the best choice, not to confuse you

  • Watch the Gemstone Under a Magnifying Glass

You need to take the authenticity factor for granted while procuring the most stupendous piece of gemstone jewelry.

Well, even if you came across a fake piece, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to spot the difference with your naked eyes.

These fraud players have nowadays become quite proficient in hiding fake factors with artificial dye and colours.

The simplest yet the most effective way to stand out in this trap is to simply ask for a magnifying glass.

If the colours and the shades of the gemstone jewelry under question appear to shine and emanate shimmer that glow-up your eyes, then it’s the real one.

On the flip side, if the colours under the magnifying glass are appearing to be dull and dusted, then simply walk out of that jewelry outlet.

Authentic gemstones shine from every angle when exposed to natural light.

For an even scrupulous authenticity assessment, place the gemstone under a microscope to identify spots of accumulated dye and chipped surfaces of the substituted metal like plastic or glass.

  • Go Along with a Companion

Well, this is may sound a bit sarcastic to you, but never buy gemstone jewelry alone.

As humans, we are always biased in our choices and preferences.

So, when you will look at yourself adorned with your favourite gemstone jewelry like a glittering moldavite ring in the displaying mirror of the store, your mind will simply ignore red flags, if any, in your choice.

Simply because you would be biased with your choice.

However, having a close companion with you who is well aware of your choices and preferences would be ideal for you. This is because he/she would give you an honest opinion about how that piece of gemstone jewelry is going with your skin tone, physical attributes like face cut, etc.

In a nutshell, a second-person point of view will help you to cherry-pick the best gemstone jewelry.

  • Ask for a Better Price

As a customer, you have the right to ask for a better price for your exquisite piece of gemstone jewelry.

For ad-to-head bargaining with the jeweller, you need to be aware of the existing price level of gemstones in the market.

Usually, gemstones are prized against their weight and their standard of measurement is caret.

And if you are at a reputed and branded jewelry outlet, then you will surely get some amazing and lucrative discounts and deals on a heavy purchase.

Make sure you are collecting a legit bill from the owner.

  • Learn About How to Store it Properly

Although highly durable, you still need to be very cautious about how you are storing your gemstone jewelry.

The best practice is to always ask the jeweller itself. He/she would guide you about how to store them properly when they would be not in use.

A basic practice is to always store them in air-tight zip locks in a low-humid place.