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7 Potential Benefits of CBD Balm for Pets

Today, 25% of Americans are either using CBD products regularly or are interested in trying them. CBD has many similar effects to THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), but doesn’t have a psychoactive “high”. Also, hemp-derived CBD was legalized on the federal level in recent years, meaning it’s not a crime to use it in the US.

Those two factors have made CBD incredibly popular. And now that we’ve seen what these products can do, we want to share the benefits with our furry friends too.

Are you now curious? Then read on for seven potential benefits of CBD balm that your pet can get.

1. Pain Relief

Some people use CBD for pain relief, so this can be extended to our pets as well. This is because research has shown that CBD may have analgesic properties, which can decrease pain.

When used as a topical product, CBD balm can potentially reduce the discomfort that can occur with joint pain and muscle soreness. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on only CBD to treat your pet; make sure you bring them to a vet to see what’s causing them pain so they can get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

In addition to analgesic properties, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties too. Considering that pain and inflammation usually go hand-in-hand, the fact that CBD balm can target both at once makes it a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. For example, your pet may get better mobility since the application of CBD balm can possibly reduce inflammation in their joints and make it both easier and less painful to take steps.

Plus, it can help with other inflammation-related conditions, such as arthritis or skin allergies. By applying the balm to your pet’s skin, you may decrease itchiness, redness, and irritation. As a result, your furry friend will have less discomfort and pain.

3. Skin Health

As with humans, animals can suffer from skin conditions. Something as simple as a poor diet may cause them to have subpar skin that doesn’t glow as it should.

As we’ve pointed out above, the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can reduce irritation, itchiness, and redness on the skin. The balm may also have moisturizing properties, which can keep your pet’s skin hydrated and healthy. It’ll likely stay that way too, since they probably won’t feel itchy and scratch at themselves anymore.

4. Wound Healing

Because CBD can potentially reduce inflammation, in turn, this can speed up the healing process. Studies have shown that this compound is promising for promoting tissue repair. In addition, it may reduce the risk of infection and minimize scarring too, so if your furry friend gets injured, applying some CBD balm may do wonders.

Keep in mind that CBD balm should only be used for minor skin abrasions. Should your pet suffer from a larger, more serious injury, a prompt visit to the vet is necessary. Depending on the circumstances, they may even have internal injuries you aren’t aware of.

5. Reduction in Anxiety

Many people don’t know this, but animals can suffer from anxiety too. This is especially true of dogs, which can experience anxiety in various situations. Some may get separation anxiety, while others have noise phobias and travel stress.

If this has made you realize that your pup gets anxious, then some CBD for dogs can be beneficial. Some research has shown that CBD may have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects, so giving CBD balm a try wouldn’t hurt. It’s possible that it’ll promote relaxation and calming effects when you apply it to your furry friend.

6. Improved Appetite

Have you noticed that Fido isn’t eating? There’s probably an underlying cause, so it’s vital that you have their vet examine them.

While the vet can provide treatment, you can also use CBD balm to improve your pet’s appetite. Often, they won’t each since they’re ill or injured, so they may need extra help getting food down.

You can ensure your four-legged friend gets all the necessary nutrients from their food by applying CBD balm. Plus, CBD may help with gastrointestinal issues, which can then encourage them to eat more when they’re not having stomach issues.

7. It’s Non-Intoxicating

As a responsible pet owner, you don’t want to feed or apply anything to your four-legged friend that’ll harm their health. Well, the good news about CBD is that it’s non-intoxicating for them!

If you purchase CBD derived from hemp, it’ll contain minimal amounts of THC. As a result, a reputable CBD balm should be non-intoxicating and considered safe, as long as you use it appropriately. It won’t even interact with any other medications your pet’s on.

It’s essential that you choose products that are formulated specifically for pets, such as these white label products. Do your research to ensure you’re getting high-quality products without harmful ingredients. And always follow the recommended dosages to ensure you keep your pet healthy.

Try CBD Balm for Your Pet

Having CBD balm in your house can be handy, and not just for you.

As you can see, there are many health benefits that your pet can potentially enjoy. Whether they have pain and inflammation, or skin problems and anxiety, CBD may be able to help them get over these issues. And the best part is, it should be safe for them, as long as you do your due diligence before buying and using anything on your furry friend.

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