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7 Portable Restroom Renting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that the global portable toilet market is projected to grow by $29.66 billion by 2030? That’s a lot of money that people are willing to spend on portable toilets.

But with all this money that businesses are spending on these bathroom services, they still easily make mistakes when it comes to portable restroom renters. This leads to some horrible consequences that can affect their business.

Do you want to make sure you aren’t making these portable restroom renting mistakes? We’ll tell you what they are and how to avoid them in this article! Read on!

 1. Finding the Wrong Portable Restroom Vendor

Before signing any agreements, be sure you know who you’re working with. Don’t go with the first vendor you find. Take the time to research the options and read customer reviews.

When possible, scout out their equipment in person to make sure the units are in top condition. Additionally, ensure that the vendor is licensed and insured so you have protection in case of an accident.

Look for a portable restroom provider who offers competitive prices, updated sanitation features, and features that meet your needs. By taking the time to find the right vendor, you can avoid costly mistakes. This will also ensure that your portable restroom experience is a success.

2. Misunderstanding the Portable Restroom Rental Fees

Often, customers will only think of the initial cost of renting the restroom but fail to consider the other charges that could come up. This can be because the rental company is unclear on its pricing structure. It could be the customer has not done the research to understand the fees.

To avoid this mistake, customers should carefully review the rental contract’s terms and conditions. Be sure that the customer understands exactly what services are included in the rental fee. If anything else is extra, then ask for clarification and a detailed price breakdown of all expected charges.

3. Underestimating the Number of Portable Restrooms Needed

Many people underestimate the number of portable restrooms they need based on the number of people attending their event. If not enough portable restrooms are rented, a shortage can quickly put a strain on the event and the restroom attendees. This can lead to a series of negative consequences, such as dissatisfied guests, inconveniences, and overspending.

To avoid making such mistakes, it is important to consider the size of the guest list and the layout of the area. Use these to determine the appropriate number of portable restrooms. Taking into consideration the duration of the event is also important, as it can influence the number of restrooms needed as well.

An effective way to estimate the number of restrooms needed is by assuming 3-4 restrooms per 100 guests. If the event is extended over several days, it is essential to rent additional units for extra use. It is also recommended to rent a few extra units to guarantee the safety and comfort of everyone in attendance.

4. Ignoring Local Codes and Regulations

When renting a portable restroom, one of the most important mistakes to avoid is ignoring local codes and regulations. Different locations may have different rules and regulations regarding the placement and use of portable restrooms. This oversight can easily lead to expensive fines and unwanted legal action.

Depending on the location, there may be specific regulations you need to be aware of before setting up your portable restroom. These can include the location to place the restroom, how or where to dispose of the waste, and the distance from water sources or buildings. It’s important to do your research ahead of time to ensure you have all the required paperwork filled out and any necessary permits in place before setting up or renting a portable restroom.

5. Not Choosing the Right Type of Portable Restroom

When it comes to renting a portable restroom, the most common mistake is not choosing the right type. Portable restrooms come in three primary types. This includes standard porta potties, basic restroom trailers, and luxury bathroom trailers.

Choosing the wrong type of portable restroom for your event can lead to restroom discomfort and safety concerns. It can even lead to additional costs for cleaning and maintenance.

To make sure you have the most appropriate restroom for your event, take into account the duration of the event and your budget.

Additionally, consider the pros and cons of each type of restroom to ensure that you are providing your guests with the best possible restroom experience. Ultimately, if in doubt, speak with a professional rental service representative for guidance.

 6. Failing to Reserve the Toilet in Advance

Failing to reserve a portable restroom in advance is one of the most common mistakes made when renting a portable restroom. This can lead to headaches and frustration down the line for a multitude of reasons. For one, by failing to reserve the restroom in advance you may be unable to procure one, as a high demand can result in a shortage of portable restrooms.

Furthermore, by not reserving ahead of time, you may be looking at a higher rate for the unit due to last-minute booking. Lastly, you risk ending up with a unit that is not properly suited for the needs and demands of your event. To avoid all of these unseen issues, it is always important to think ahead and reserve your portable restroom in advance.

7. Not Calculating the Cost of Delivery and Setup

Portable restroom rentals can be expensive to deliver and set up due to their size and weight. The delivery cost will depend on the distance to the event and the weight of the restrooms. Additionally, you may incur additional charges for the setup and/or takedown of the restrooms.

To avoid any surprise fees, make sure to include these costs in your budget. Comparing portable restroom costs and rates can also help you get the best deal. Taking the time to research rental companies and their services will result in much fewer renting mistakes.

Avoidable Portable Restroom Renting Mistakes

Portable restroom renting can be a daunting task. By doing your research, preparing early, and talking to experienced professionals, you can make the process easier and avoid portable restroom renting mistakes. Don’t let the stress of renting a portable restroom stop you from hosting the perfect event.

Start planning now to ensure a successful and enjoyable event! Contact a reputable portable restroom rental company today to get started.

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