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7 Points on How to Identify Real Agate

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 tips on how to tell the difference between genuine agate jewelry and fake ones.

Aragonite is another name for agate. It is neither jade nor stone if it is red, white, or black, or if it is a specific type with wire-wrapped designs, and red agate is one of these types’ highest ranking.

Known as “Joan Jade” and “red jade” in the past, the word “agate,” one of the seven ancient jewels, originates in Buddhist scriptures. It is acknowledged as a human exotic and can provide joy and convenience to those who wear it.

Agate has long been regarded as a world treasure because of its gorgeous patterns, which are thought to be healthy for the wearer’s skin.

As the popularity of agate grows, the phenomenon of cohabitation is inevitable. It appears that mastery in agate display identification is required before one can purchase a satisfactory agate. Nacrystal is an online crystal and gem store that sells high-quality real agate. 

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So, how can you tell the difference between authentic gate jewelry and cheap knockoffs? Here are a few areas where attention can be directed:

1. Know the color

Compared to the imitation agate, the real one has a brighter and more distinct hue, while the counterfeit one has a duller hue. Natural agate has a clear color and distinct bands. The red stripes have densely organized, tiny red specks that may be seen with the naked eye. When compared to dyed blue agate, which has a uniform bright color and a petal-shaped pattern on the bottom, imitation agate has the appearance of not being natural because of its “daisy-bottom” pattern.

2. Examine the texture

Because the imitation agate is made of stone materials, the surface is scratched by jade, whereas the natural agate retains its original appearance. The replica one has more defects on the surface than the real one.

3. Check the quality of workmanship

There are no scratches or cracks on the surface of the agate because of the strict and advanced technology used in the production of high-quality agates.

4. Consider the degree

Water drop agate is the rarest and most valuable variety of agate because the agate is filled with water that has been trapped inside for thousands of years.

5. Check transparency

Natural agate does not have the same degree of transparency as imitations. Synthetic agate is as transparent as a glass ball, but natural agate is a little more chaotic, with natural waterlines or “clouds” visible on the surface.

6. Consider the weight

Natural agates are heavier than synthetic agates, which is why they are more expensive.

7. Temperature

Natural agate is warm in the winter and cools in the summer, whereas the temperature of synthetic agate would alter with the weather outside. On hot days, it would become hot, and on cold days, it would become chilly.

Additionally, you may be unsure of how to choose agate jewelry of the highest quality. Some suggestions are as follows: 

First, choose colors according to one’s preference.

You should focus on the color degree of each bead when selecting an agate necklace, and the size of the beads should fall within an acceptable range when selecting a red agate jewelry piece. To determine if the necklace has been made with rough processing, it is lifted to ensure that all of its beads are facing the same way vertically. If they aren’t, it’s said to be a poor-quality piece.