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7 Actions to Take When Preparing for a Long Distance Move


When you see yourself needing to move many miles away, it is a good idea to know some important things about the move first. Right from the start of the move, you need to know what the entire moving process involves so that your long distance move can be a smooth one.

While many moves that are a short distance would only require you to pack things in a local van. Having a move that is long distance may need planning ahead of time. With the 7 actions below, you will be sure that you are ready when the moving day comes.

1. Have Moving Plans Made Once You Know Your Move is Necessary

Now that you know that your move is necessary, you need to have a plan in place before making the big move. No matter how you like to plan, every detail of the move needs to be planned out to be completed. While it may seem like a lot, having a checklist will help your plan come together.

2. Get Packing

After you have planned the move, you need to have enough boxes to pack. While packing, it is a good idea to be as careful as possible and have your packing completed safely. Your moving boxes need to be durable and include bubble wrap that provides extra protection during transit.

As you pack, you need to know what things are in the boxes so labeling the boxes should be done while packing. If you are packing an office, you should have the boxes labeled with your important papers such as insurance policies, medical records, birth certificates, and passports.

You should also designate a box for essentials that you know you will use throughout the move. This way you have quick access to them when you need them. These items could include paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, medicine, cell phone chargers, and hand sanitizer.

Although you may think that packing is easy, it can actually be a challenge if you don’t take everything into consideration.

3. Don’t Get Behind

With your plan in place, you need to avoid getting behind with your move. When you have other needs to prepare for such as school enrollment and installing utilities, you will need time for these. If you don’t take care of these details ahead of time, you may end up falling behind. Once behind, you will only be trying to catch up for the remainder of the move preparation. To stay on track, you should have tasks that take a certain amount of time to complete. You can do this by having reminders established. When this action is taken, your move will stay on track without all of the stress.

4. Obtain Estimates From Moving Companies

When you are moving a long distance, it is a good idea to have an estimate from prospective moving companies. This is always a good idea if you do not feel like doing a long drive yourself. Plus, when you have an estimate from a moving company such as North American Van Lines, they will provide a detailed estimate that includes man hours and supplies. Before you settle for one moving company ensure that you obtain more than one estimate from different companies.

Make sure to stay away from quotes given while talking to them on the phone. It is important to have the moving company see what you need to be moved and then have it all calculated so that the price can be precise and ensure that it is all in writing.

5. Make Sure the Moving Company is Reputable

Now that the estimates are in hand, you need to determine which moving company is the most reputable out of the ones you obtained an estimate from. Although affordability is good, it does not make a company reputable or better than others. Make sure to take heed so you avoid any scams while moving in the process.

6. Make Sure Documents are Updated

When you are moving, it requires many documents to be updated. These include your address, driver’s license, car insurance, and registration among others. These should be started before the moving day arrives so that everything is changed and current before you settle in.

7. Ensure the Move is Insured

The items you have to move have some level of value and because of that you should have your belongings insured. It is important to find out what is and is not insurable. If you can, arrange for your auto insurance to provide coverage for the moving truck. Keep in mind that the moving company may insure your belongings but you can still add more to be safe that your things are in one piece when they arrive.

When you take these 7 actions into consideration, you will not need to worry about the move or having anything forgotten as you move. Plus, your belongings will make it to your destination in a timely manner.