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6 Proven Cash Flow Management Strategies to Effectively Control Your Business Expenses

Cash flow is when monies flow into and out of a business. This is when money is paid to the business and when the business spends money. There are various proven cash flow management strategies that can be used to control your business expenses effectively. Six such management strategies are discussed in this article. 

Improve Marketing

When your business has better marketing, it will attract more customers. More customers mean more money, which in turn means an increase in profit. It is necessary to have an effective and attractive marketing strategy for your business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good marketing strategy. Your marketing budget can be a lot smaller, and you can use the saved money for other areas of your business.

Flyers and television advertisements are no longer necessary when you can just create a website with content that can be blogged and shared on social media and via emails. Not only is it more effective, but free as well. It is important that your marketing strategies focus on your target market. Otherwise, your money will be wasted. You have to know what your customer wants, which means doing a lot of necessary research regarding previous marketing results. 

Save on Utility Costs

An effective cash flow management strategy is to save on business utility costs. You can find out if you can pay less for utilities by comparing different utility service providers and deals with each other. You can do it yourself or by making use of business utility comparison companies. They will let you know if your current utility supplier is offering you the best deal for your business’s needs and if there is another utility supplier that can offer you a better deal. Your business can also become more energy efficient by trying to save as much gas, electricity, and water as possible. Make your company more sustainable, including investing in renewable energy methods. You will save money and improve your business’s brand and image with customers and investors who are interested in eco-friendly businesses. 

Manage Cash Flow

A bookkeeper or accountant can manage cash flow by making use of accounting software. The software will likely be cheaper, but an accountant knows how everything works and exactly what to do. Make charts to manage and monitor your business’s cash flow and keep track of cash flow statements. When analysing these statements and charts, you should get a better picture of what your business’s monthly and yearly cash flow looks like. Using this analysis, you can create a more effective budget for your business. A budget will help you to monitor how and where your business’s money is spent. You have to do a cash flow forecast to ensure that your business is financially feasible and making profits. Expenses have to be managed according to financial plans and forecasts. 

Customer Invoices

You have to make it easier for customers to pay for your business. This can be done by using bookkeeping and software that are easy to use and with clear indications. Your company can be paid directly through an invoice which makes it easier for customers, accountants, and your business. When you create invoices by using accounting software, you can also set reminders for customers to pay, which will be sent through the software. These automated reminders can be more effective than payment emails that get lost in inboxes. 

Try to offer customers payment plans so that they can pay your business in instalments over multiple months. This will make your business more attractive to a wider variety of customers. Customers can be encouraged to pay their invoices quicker and earlier if they are enticed by incentives. Incentives can include discounts on sales, benefits, and credits. Make sure to respond to queries and disputes as soon as possible. 

Technology and Software

You have to use the technology and software that is available to your business to help you manage cash flow. Make sure that your software updates are completed so that business can commence at a speedy and timely pace. Software programmes help you to keep track of cash flow in one convenient place. Information can be uploaded to the internet so that it never gets lost, and you don’t need physical paperwork. You and your bookkeeper can share access to files on the cloud and be on the same metaphorical page. There are software programmes available that can do an employee’s work at a faster rate and with better quality. These programmes are cheaper to use than hiring employees and paying their salaries and benefits. There are many useful mobile apps to install on your smartphone and use to manage your business’s cash flow from the palm of your hand.


Technology and software may be cheaper and more accessible, but they still don’t provide your business with that needed human aspect. Some technology also needs to be managed by employees. You can employ part-time staff or freelancers if you don’t want to hire permanent staff. There are outsourcing agencies where you can hire people to complete projects on a temporary contract basis. Your business doesn’t have to worry about paying any benefits to outsourced employees. When the projects are complete, they go back to their agencies, and you don’t have to worry about them any longer. You can implement a payroll system to make sure that your people are paid in a timely fashion and in a more accessible manner.


A brief explanation of cash flow is given at the beginning of the article. Six proven cash flow management strategies to effectively control your business expenses are mentioned and described. They include improving marketing, saving on utility costs, managing cash flow, customer invoices, technology and software, and employees.