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6 Logo Design Essentials to Follow Being a Startup

The success of every business startup depends hugely on its logo, as it sets the tone for the business. This is the reason why it should be well-designed and can be quickly processed by the viewer.

A logo not only acts as a great marketing tool to promote your brand’s message but also helps develop an emotional connection with the target audience instantly.

Especially for a startup, it is crucial to have a logo representing Power, Luxury, or Playfulness.

Why Startups Need to Focus on a Good Logo

A logo can hold a lot of meaning when you have a startup. Not only does it help in building a solid brand identity for the brand, but it also lays the foundation for all your branding strategies. The primary purpose of creating a logo is to help a brand get recognition amongst the audiences and help it stand out from the competition.

Many startup owners fail to unlock the potential of a good logo, but things are changing. Now all startups are working towards creating a design that leaves an impression on all who come in contact.

6 Things to Consider While Creating a Logo

We have curated a list of all the crucial factors that help create a unique, elegant, and eye-catching business logo design. Have a look!

1. Your Logo Should Clearly Define Your Business Goals

“A company without a logo is said to be Faceless in the business world. While logos are essential for every business, they should not be the top priority in starting any business” – Says Cullum Humphreys, Founder and CEO of Creato, a full service branding agency in Sydney for Startups

Before creating your brand’s logo, you must first focus on your company’s most fundamental purpose, which acts as the guiding force through time. For instance, ask yourself questions like ‘What is your business’s mission? ‘Where do you see your company in the coming five years?

Once you figure out your business goals, you can proceed with creating a logo (that is elegant and minimalist yet looks quirky), keeping your goals in mind.

2. Think Out of the Box

For startups, it is more challenging to stand out amongst the competition, especially today. A unique logo design needs a lot of out-of-the-box thinking as some versions of your design may already exist.

For instance, Apple’s logo does not have a computer logo. Still, the brand is related to luxury technology and not apples.

So do not hesitate to add your touch to the logo and trust the process.

3. Choose the Logo Font Carefully

According to most people, a good logo is all about Image and Graphics, but this is not entirely true. These legendary logos like Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, etc. are perfect examples of logos created using only text. But try to avoid typefaces that appear gimmicky and

There are many font styles; therefore, make it a point to check out as many font styles as possible. Take inspiration from world-renowned logo designs to create something unforgettable using unique lettering!

Once you have finalized the font, you need to consider the letter size as the suitable variation can significantly impact a logo design.

4. Look For Inspiration Around You

As mentioned above, studying the work of well-established brands and taking inspiration from their logo designs can be a big game changer for your startup. Be it a color scheme, typography, or symbols, keep your eyes open for any relevant idea that you can apply to create a similar yet unique logo design.

You’ll find a variety of logo designs from various players on the internet, which can inspire your logo design idea while working on your business model.

5. Keep the Logo Simple Yet Distinctive

Simple designs are accessible for audiences of all ages and spheres to understand and remember; therefore, they go a long way.

Hitting the right target audience by crafting your brand’s visual identity is a stressful experience, especially for new businesses. While logo design can be daunting, we suggest you create a more straightforward yet distinctive logo for your startup.

You can take help from a professional logo designer to guide you through the process and avoid expensive logo fails. To get a clear & straightforward logo that indeed presents your brand’s identity in an uncluttered form, you need to focus on just one or two elements.

One of the best examples to justify this point is Chanel’s simple logo design enjoys more success than an overly complicated logo.

6. Choose Colours Wisely

Do you know about the science of colours?

Colours not only breathe life into an image, but some also catch the audience’s attention more quickly than others. For example, the wavelength of the Red colour is so intense that it can be seen from very far away.

While creating logos, most startups add too many colours, resulting in a messy logo. You can always revisit your choice, but getting the right colour combination initially would incur additional costs for you.