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6 Business Website Photo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If a potential customer’s eyes are drawn to your business, but they keep looking away, why do you think that is? Chances are your website picture needs some work. Unintended mistakes happen in work environments, and having clear goals and a plan to avoid pitfalls is key to success.

You may not recognize these business website photo mistakes, but they happen all the time. Choosing the right photo for your website is a delicate process. Read on to recognize your own practices and how to change them.

1. Over-Editing Images

Images should be edited to enhance the quality of a photo, but leaving the photo looking natural and being mindful of the photo color contrast is essential.

To avoid this mistake, it is important to be mindful before you change the background and use photo editing tools. Subtle changes are typically best, and the photo should not be too bright or too blurry.

2. Badly Cropped Images

Badly cropped images are one of the most common photo mistakes made on business websites. Such errors can distract viewers from the content and make the site look amateur.

To avoid cropping errors, it is important to consider the website photo size and shape of the image before uploading it to the website.

Images should be cropped to the correct size before attempting to display them on the site, as they may become distorted or contain unwanted elements if they are too large or small.

3. Using Wrong File Format

Different file formats have their own purpose and should be used appropriately. Not using the correct file format for your website photos can lead to fuzzy, grainy, or distorted images, creating a negative image of your business.

To ensure your photos look as professional and clear as possible, use the right file format.

4. Over Using Text on Images

Using too much text on images can really damage the professional appearance of a business website. Text on images should be eye-catching and provide only the necessary information. Too much text distracts site visitors from the rest of the content, making the website look cluttered here.

To avoid making this mistake, break up paragraphs and keep the text concise. When text is required, use more creative fonts that fit the overall look and feel of the page. Keep the text short and succinct.

5. Using Watermarks Incorrectly

Watermarks are often used to protect photos, encourage brand recognition, or even share credit with the photographer. However, making mistakes when adding watermarks will only negatively impact viewers and your company.

To help avoid watermark mistakes on business websites, use the watermark in moderation and make sure it doesn’t overshadow the image or hastily detract from the image’s purpose.

6. The Focal Point Is Not Obvious

When the focal point of a photo is not apparent, visitors may become confused or bored and not spend the time to explore further. It can also appear unprofessional and lower the credibility of a website and its business.

To avoid this photo mistake, clearly define the focal point of the photograph and reduce other elements in the frame to emphasize the main subject.

Avoid These Business Website Photo Mistakes Today

We’ve discussed how important it is to use high-quality images on business websites and avoid basic business website photo mistakes. Whether hiring a professional photographer, using stock photos, or taking photos yourself, the point is to create a great user experience.

Leverage these tips to ensure your website photos are helping and not hurting your business.

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