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5 Ways to Track The Success of Meeting Room Booking Software

Managers typically spend a lot of time evaluating if a meeting room booking software is the right one for their company before settling on one. This is why they expect meeting room booking software to ease all their meeting room booking concerns straight out of the box. Unfortunately, implementing software in a company is not such a linear process.

Managers must first set the software up for use and measure if it helps reduce common meeting room booking problems. In other words, they must evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting room booking software based on metrics. But what are these metrics? Read on to find out.

Five Metrics You Should Be Tracking to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Meeting Room Booking Software

  • Meeting Room Usage

The main purpose of meeting room booking software is to optimize meeting room usage by simplifying the room booking process. So, to know if this is effective, tracking meeting room usage is a must.

Many meeting room booking software have trackers that automatically calculate your room usage. But if your room booking software does not support it, here is how you can measure it yourself.

Meeting Room Usage = (Total Meeting Room Booking Hours/Total Office Hours) X 100

Higher usage of meeting rooms typically indicates more effective meeting room bookings. This, in turn, indicates the success of the booking software. 

Keep in mind that most facility managers consider anywhere between 40-60% of meeting room usage optimal. So, your meeting room booking software is effective if it enhances room usage to that range or higher from previously.

  • Meeting Room Occupancy

Meeting room booking software, when used properly, can reduce the number of under-occupied or over-occupied meeting rooms. Since the software allows employees to have a good view of the available rooms before booking according to size, employees can comfortably book a room based on the number of attendees.

But how do you know that employees are using this room booking function? By checking the meeting room occupancy.

Suppose you have implemented meeting room booking software. In that case, it should measure meeting room occupancy or the total number of people in a room at any point with IoT-based occupancy sensors. This will tell you how many people use any meeting room and give you an idea if you need to revamp your meeting rooms based on need. More importantly, it will tell you if your employees are properly using the meeting room software to book rooms.

  • Ghost Bookings

A good meeting room booking software helps reduce ghost bookings by marking booked rooms as available for use if they remain unoccupied for long periods. The easiest way to check the effectiveness of software is to check the total number of ghost bookings in a given period. And compare it to to a period in the past.

If the total number of ghost bookings has reduced over time, people get timely updates about room status when looking for a room. It also means people use the app effectively to book a meeting room.

Most meeting room booking software today generate reports that include the total number of ghost bookings. You can use these to determine if the software is used effectively. 

  • Reduction in Scheduling Conflicts

One of the primary functions of a meeting room booking software is streamlining the meeting room booking process. It should immediately mark the room as booked upon reservation, preventing another room booking at the same time slot.

The best way to know if a software is effective is to check if there was a reduction in scheduling conflicts over a given period.

Remember, you cannot view the number of scheduling conflicts directly in the tool. What you can do is conduct regular surveys wherein employees self-report scheduling conflicts.

  • Meeting Room Popularity

Meeting room booking software streamlines meeting bookings and helps book meeting resources, from projectors to AV setups, on demand. This way, employees do not have to look for a meeting room pre-equipped with these facilities or book them separately. But how does one know if this meeting room booking functionality is effective? By checking meeting room popularity.

Suppose your meeting room booking software reveals people prefer a particular meeting room more than the others. In that case, there is a good chance it is because of its facilities. And if your meeting room booking software is effective at booking these facilities for every meeting room, there should not be a big gap in meeting room popularity.

Over to You

You can use the above metrics to get a fair idea about the effectiveness of meeting room booking software. If your booking tool does not perform well on one or more of these metrics, you could consider getting a new booking software too.

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