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5 Tips To Improve Your Traction During Winter Rain Storms

Depending on where you live, you may encounter ice and snow or rain during the winter months. These weather patterns tend to make roads slippery, and if you don’t have strong traction in your vehicle, these roads can be dangerous. Therefore, while you are purchasing your Jeep Wrangler accessories, consider these ways you can improve your traction during winter rain storms.

Add Weight

If your Jeep is rear-wheel drive, you should add weight to the back. This added weight pushes your rear tires down to help them get a better grip on the road. This is especially important in muddy areas. Position the weight over the axle.

Load the rear end of your vehicle with sandbags, stones or bricks or bags of kitty litter or dirt. So you don’t waste your money, choose products you can use. For example, kitty litter can be used to clean up oil stains, you can place the dirt in your yard or garden and sand can be used in a sandbox or root vegetable bed.

Inspect Your Tires

Before winter, you should inspect the tread on your tires. You can start with the penny test. Place a penny in the tread with the head facing down. If Lincoln’s head is visible, you should get new tires. However, if you cannot see it, you have adequate tread for the winter.

You also need to check your tire pressure because low air pressure can put you and your passengers in danger, especially on wet, icy or snowy roads. Your tires should be rotated regularly. Every time you get your oil changed in your Jeep, consider rotating your tires so that they wear evenly.

Tires for Any Terrain

Many individuals change their tires during the summer and winter, installing snow tires to handle dangerous roads. These tires can reduce your fuel efficiency, and if you don’t live in the mountains or in areas with rough terrain and heavy snow, you may not need them.

However, if you can also choose all terrain tires. These are made specifically to handle a wide variety of weather conditions. Choose a high-quality all-terrain tire that can handle your weather patterns.

Invest in Tire Socks

If you expect snow or ice, consider investing in tire socks or chains. Tire socks cover your tires, going all the way around them like chains. They increase your Jeep’s ability to grip the road during rough conditions, such as heavy rains because they attract snow and ice, gripping the road better.

Chains are similar to socks in that they improve your vehicle’s traction. However, they have specific sizes, so choose chains that fit your tires properly. Install them on your back tires if your vehicle is rear-wheel drive or on your front tires if it is front-wheel drive.

Learn Winter Driving Skills

You have to adjust the way you drive in the winter to keep yourself and others safe. For example, you should drive slower. Your acceleration and deceleration need to be extended. Also, add distance between you and other cars on the road.

If you don’t have to be out in the weather, don’t be. Check out other ways to improve your vehicle’s capabilities during the winter, such as investing in 8×6.5 rims, and drive with care.