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5 Tips on Riding E-bikes with your Family


Electric bicycles are popular, fun, and a great way to enjoy solo and group rides, especially with family members. They are designed for all riding ages, with pedal-assist and throttle provided to boost your efforts. Finding time to ride electric bikes together as a family can be a super exciting adventure for everybody involved.

Preparing to go by yourself is quite different from riding with other members. If you are experienced at riding solo, you will have to help the others get ready. It gets more interesting if you have children with you. After helping them to prepare, you must constantly keep an eye out for them as you proceed. Here, we share some tips for riding ebikes with your family.

5 Tips on Riding E-bikes with your Family

Using an ebike is much different from going out in a car, with each person looking out for the other. To enjoy a memorable time as you ride e-bikes together with your family, here are some recommended tips:

Get the Right E-bike

The right e-bike can mean the difference between a fun and an uncomfortable ride. Take a trip to the bike shop together to choose for yourself and for every other member of the family. If you are the group leader, ensure to get a solid e-bike. Consider your needs as head and those of your family. You need an e-bike that can handle all your gear and equipment while providing a comfortable ride on a long-range battery.

One of the best options for family trips is the electric cargo bike. It is usually of solid build, can support heavy loads, and comes with some of the best features. The Haoqi Antelope is a perfect example of a top-notch cargo e-bike. Its solid 6061 aluminum frame is light to carry, yet it can adequately support up to 350 lbs. The 48V 25Ah high-tech battery it is equipped with can provide a range of up to 85 miles.

Equip the Proper Gear

Before you set out on any type of bike ride, you must ensure to load the gear necessary to enjoy the most fun and safety. It is more pertinent if you have children with you. Know enough about family trips and ensure to use the proper bike accessories. Search the internet for all the information you need. Never ride without a helmet for your head in case of any accidents. Make sure the children understand the importance of using one.

Ensure you all wear appropriate riding gear in layers, which is often light, moisture-wicking material. This will help with quick adjustments to the weather. A practical first-aid and tool repair kit should be included in your itinerary. Remember to keep everyone energized, and have enough snacks and water around to keep this up. Decorate the e-bikes with reflective tapes and wear bright clothing to increase your visibility to other motorists.

Plan your Trip

Adequate planning is requisite for a successful outing with your family. It can get boring quickly if you all spend enough time together at home already. You need to put a practical plan in place to ensure maximum fun and safety on your family rides, however short. Ensure the trip has a destination. Without an end in sight, it loses the edge of excitement and just seems like a long journey you want to see the end of.

Plan on the best route to your destination. If you are riding with children, look for low-traffic roads you can take there. Teach them enough ahead of time, but remember to be patient in your approach. They are not as strong or as good at cycling, so remain observant as they learn and give a few pointers. Make a plan to get more water and snacks along your route.

Communicate Efficiently

Efficient communication is necessary when riding as a group. It is more pertinent when you have kids involved. If you are leading the group, you will encounter many obstacles first as you proceed. You must be able to communicate what you see to every other member. The older, more experienced riders should protect the younger, amateur ones. Smaller obstacles can be avoided together easily this way.

Practice hand signals and other forms of communication you find practical for your riding situation. It is best to stay close during family rides. Have every member of the group display their knowledge before you head out together. As the leader, keep a sharp eye out for any signs of danger. Alert every other member of the group and take appropriate action. In situations when you can’t talk, signal, and do something the others can imitate.

Remember to Have Fun!

When you are on a trip such as this, the distance hardly matters. It is not even necessary to get that much exercise. The important thing is to have fun as a unit. If you can keep things inreresting, planning and executing other family outings will be easy. This is because fun activities tend to improve communication between all members. You can pack enough food for a short picnic.

Having fun rides is also the best way to introduce cycling to your younger children who have to use a regular bicycle till they get older. This will help to retain their interest until they can get an electric bike. Depending on the local traffic laws, they may not have to wait so long. Until then, remember to have fun as you do more with your family e-bike time.


It is quite a feeling when you can share your favorite sights and sounds with the people closest to you, especially on an e-bike ride. There are many ways to have fun as a family, but nothing white beats a safe outdoor adventure with an exciting edge. An electric bike can help you have more fun together while improving your commute. The right one will get the entire gang excited about future trips. The above tips will help you enjoy better outings if you use a quality bike. Check our online store to see which HAOQI e-bike works best for your personal riding requirements.