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5 Tips on How To Take Care of Your Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are a must-have piece of outdoor gear. They improve visual clarity, reduce glare, and shield your eyes from damaging UV rays. You must, however, take good care of your sports sunglasses if you want to keep them functional and long-lasting. Good care prolongs their life span, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities. 

Cycling, jogging, hiking, golf, tennis, and water sports like surfing and kayaking are a few regular sporting activities that can benefit from sports sunglasses. With the right sports sunglasses, you perform at your peak while being safe and comfortable. You enjoy eye protection, improved vision, and a comfortable fit.

This article explains some helpful tips you can consider to take care of your sports sunglasses. Irrespective of your outdoor activities, taking care of your sunglasses is a must. With that said, read on to learn some suggestions for maintaining your sports sunglasses.

Here Are 5 Helpful Tips You Can Consider in Taking Care of Your Sports Sunglasses

The effectiveness and lifespan of your sports sunglasses depend on how well you take care of them. So, here is a more thorough description of the five suggestions for maintaining your sports sunglasses:

1. Avoid Using Your Fingers to Contact the Lens

Keep your fingertips away from the lens of your glasses. Your fingers’ oil and debris can leave fingerprints on the lens, obstructing your vision and making it difficult to clean. Indeed, with polarized lenses, fingerprints are especially bothersome and can reduce the polarizing effect. Here are some pointers on how to avoid touching your sunglasses’ lenses with your fingers:

  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean your sunglasses
  • Apply a lens-cleaning solution made for eyewear
  • Hold your sunglasses by the frame, not the lens, whether putting on or taking off
  • Place your sunglasses in a case to protect them from dust and scratches 

By adhering to these suggestions, you maintain your sunglasses clean and scratch-free. So, remember then whenever you search prescription sports sunglasses online in your favorite stores. You will keep them in good condition for a longer time. So, avoid having your fingers come into contact with the lens. If you touch the lens, clean it right away using a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution.

2. Keep Harsh Chemicals to a Minimum

Harsh chemicals can cause damage to your sports sunglasses. More precisely, your sports sunglasses’ lens and frame can suffer damage from harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. These substances may remove the lens’ protective coating, causing scratches and a loss of clarity. 

Further, the frame may also turn brittle and discolored, increasing the likelihood that it will shatter. Use a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution to clean your sports sunglasses instead of using harsh chemicals. Most importantly, keep harsh chemicals to a minimum. 

3. Frequently Clean Your Sports Sunglasses

To keep your sports sunglasses functional and long-lasting, you must clean them frequently. Your eyesight may be impaired, and the sunglasses may become damaged if dirt, dust, and fingerprints build up on the lens and frame. So, make it a rule to clean them before putting on and going for your outdoor activities. 

As already suggested, the best cloth is a microfiber one. It doesn’t scratch the lens and is gentle on the surface. When cleaning your sports sunglasses with a cloth or solution, give them a warm water rinse if they are very dirty. Please, avoid paper towels and tissues as they can harm the lens.

4. Keep Your Sports Sunglasses Safely Stored

Store your sports sunglasses properly to stay in good shape. So, when not using, keep your sports sunglasses in a case to guard against nicks, impacts, and other harm. Your sports sunglasses will be safe and secure in a protective case. The case will keep them from getting damaged in your bag, pocket, or backpack. 

As a precaution, avoid leaving your sports sunglasses near windows or other hot, humid areas like the dashboard of your automobile. Humidity can encourage mold growth on the lens. Further, the heat can deform the frame and cause the lens to break.

5. Replace Faulty Components

Various components of your prescription sports glasses can break. Scratched or cracked lenses may affect your eyesight. Also, a broken frame may be uncomfortable and more prone to breaking. To guarantee that your sports sunglasses continue to be functional and durable, replace damaged components as soon as feasible. The steps to replace damaged sports sunglasses parts are as follows:

Determine the Problematic Part: Examine your eyewear to identify the problematic part. The lenses, nose pads, temple tips, or screws are regular parts that could need to be changed.

Get New Replacement Parts: Replacement parts are available from the manufacturer, online merchants, or neighborhood optical shops. When buying replacement parts, make sure they are compatible with your sunglasses.

Remove the Defective Component: Use pliers or a small screwdriver to remove the defective component. Be careful so as not to harm any additional parts of the sunglasses.

Install the Replacement Part: Gently install the new part. Ensure it is firmly and snuggly in place. If necessary, use the same tools you did to remove the problematic component.

Do a Simple Functionality Test: Test the sunglasses to ensure they function properly after inserting the replacement part. Make any necessary adjustments to the fit and check that the sunglasses are snug and functioning properly.

Notably, you may fix damaged parts in your sports sunglasses and keep them working by following the instructions above. Take your eyewear to a professional for repair if you are unsure that you can replace the component on your own.


In conclusion, sports sunglasses are a must-have piece of outdoor gear. As you have noted, they improve visual clarity, reduce glare, and shield your eyes from damaging UV rays. Take good care of your sports sunglasses to keep them functional and long-lasting. 

Today, you have learned some helpful suggestions for taking care of your sports sunglasses. In summary, regular cleaning, correct storage, avoiding touching the lens, avoiding strong chemicals, checking for loosened screws, and replacing broken components are all important sports eyewear maintenance tips. Pay attention to these points and ensure that your sports sunglasses offer the best protection and comfort for a long time!