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5 Tips for Planning a Successful Road Trip to Texas with Kids

Texas ranks as the second-best state for summer road trips. It’s no surprise with its vast landscapes, iconic landmarks, and diverse attractions. Frederiksberg, TX, is a treasure trove of family-friendly destinations, attracting more than one million people annually. This charming city is perfect for outdoor activities, historical museums, and delectable cuisine.

But let’s be honest, taking kids on a road trip can sometimes feel like a comedy of endless pit stops and enthusiastic choruses of “Are we there yet?” Every parent knows the struggle of stopping every 20 miles for a bathroom break or trying to divert their little one’s restless energy during long stretches on the road.

A 2021 Texas road trip survey on families found that more than 50% of parents got most stressed by Texas traffic. From the looks of this data, it’ll be a long drive. So, how can you effectively redirect your kids’ energy while staying stuck in long hours of traffic? Use the following tips to effectively bide time and make your road trip an adventure to remember. Texas is calling, and with these helpful tips, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any challenge and create lasting memories with your family.

1. Map Out Interesting Places For Pit Stops

As you plan your exciting road trip to Texas with your kids, include a well-deserved pit stop in the beautiful city of Fredericksburg. Famous for its scenic beauty and rich history, this charming place offers a delightful respite for both young and old. Planning your stops will break the road’s monotony and let you refuel your vehicle and grumbling tummies.

Known for its warm hospitality and delightful attractions, restaurants in Fredericksburg TX, offer various delicacies, whether hearty BBQ, delicious Tex-Mex, or delectable homemade ice cream. This city’s culinary scene is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. From family-friendly diners serving classic comfort food to charming cafes offering delicious treats, there’s something for everyone. Treat your kids to a delicious meal while enjoying the quaint ambiance of this historic town.

After you and your family have sated your appetite, you can look around popular attractions as you digest your food, like the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, where your little adventurers can explore ancient geological formations and hike along scenic trails. You can also rewind time and refresh your history by visiting the Pioneer Museum Complex to learn about the early settlers and their way of life.

2. Plan Every Detail

Before choosing your road trip destination, it is essential to conduct thorough research. Explore travel websites, guidebooks, and online resources to discover attractions and destinations suitable for kids. Pay attention to safety, educational value, and entertainment options. Reading reviews and recommendations from other families can provide valuable insights. Consider age-appropriate activities and attractions. Take into account the interests and ages of your children when selecting destinations. Look for places with a plethora of attractions suitable for different age groups.

When planning your route and itinerary, determine the duration of your road trip based on the available time and distance you need to cover. Consider how many hours of driving you and your family are comfortable with without getting exhausted. Leave room for unforeseen circumstances. Be open to exploring spontaneous attractions or detours you may encounter.

Consider including a budgeting and cost considerations section to further enhance your planning. Many families look for affordable road trip options. So, consider researching budget-friendly accommodations, attractions with free or discounted admission for kids, and affordable dining options along your route.

3. Entertain Your Kids With Games

Prepare fun activities to engage your kids and ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. Pack a travel activity bag with age-appropriate games, puzzles, coloring books, and reading materials. You can bring a magnetic board game, a deck of cards for simple card games, or even an audiobook that the whole family can enjoy together.

Engaging in interactive games can also make the journey more enjoyable. Classic games like “I Spy” or the “License Plate Game” can be fun. Encourage your kids to spot different objects or license plates and keep a tally of what they find. You can also play word association games where each person takes turns saying a word with the first alphabet using the last alphabet of the previous words.

4. Bring WIFI

From entertainment and communication to navigation and accessing helpful information, internet access enhances your road trip. According to a survey of Texas parents on a road trip, 57% regretted not having an internet connection. Without WIFI, the livelihood of your road trip might be at stake.

Having Wi-Fi during the road trip is highly convenient. It lets your kids entertain themselves by watching their favorite shows on Netflix. You can use it for navigation apps, locating nearby attractions, and getting real-time traffic updates. It also lets you stay connected with family and friends, share updates and photos of your trip, and access important information like weather forecasts or local recommendations.

Invest in a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device that uses cellular data to create a secure internet connection for multiple devices to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity on the road. You can also contact your mobile data provider to add a mobile hotspot plan to your existing data plan. This way, you can turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect your other devices.

5. Prepare The Essentials 

The travel documents are the first and most important item you must pack. Make sure to have identification for each family member, including a driver’s license or passport. Additionally, have copies of insurance information readily available in case of emergencies. Keeping these documents accessible will help you navigate checkpoints or unexpected situations more efficiently.

You should also pack clothing suitable for the weather and planned activities. Remember items like comfortable shoes, jackets, and hats. Prepare snacks and drinks to keep everyone satisfied. It’s also wise to pack a cooler to store perishable items.

Lastly, pack a well-stocked first aid kit and any required medications in case of accidents. Your first aid kit should include band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, allergy medication, and any prescription medications your family may require.


Your children deserve to experience the joy and wonder of exploring new places, bonding with family members, and creating lifelong memories. Fulfill your responsibility as a parent by making this trip an extraordinary one. Embark on this journey with enthusiasm and dedication. Plan diligently, pack wisely, and embrace the highs and lows.

Your children will fondly look back on this road trip, cherishing the time spent together as a family and shared experiences. Make every moment count, and let the road trip become a chapter in your family’s story that your children will forever cherish.