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5 Symptoms of Low T in Men

Low testosterone in men is a prevalent issue, yet one that quickly metabolizes into a taboo. Few men realize that they have low T because they have no way of knowing what the norm is, and suffer in silence.

This can affect a huge number of areas of their lives. So today, we explore the symptoms of Low T in men so that you or someone you know can get the treatment you need.

1. Decreased Physical Strength

One of the most common physical symptoms of low T in men is decreased physical strength. This manifest through a loss of muscle mass, weaker bone density, and difficulty with weight-lifting activities.

Men may also notice that they tire more easily during physical activity. They report having delayed recovery periods between workouts.

2. Reduced Physical relationship Drive

Men with Low-T may find that their sex drive decreases significantly and that they no longer feel spontaneous desire for sex. This can be a difficult symptom to cope with, as it can impact a man’s sense of identity and ability to feel connected in romantic relationships.

They may also experience erectile dysfunction and fail to experience peak arousal levels during sex. But it is important to know that these symptoms are treatable. Working with a doctor to get testosterone replacement here is one of the possible treatment options.

3. Weight Gain

One of the most common signs of Low T in men is weight gain. This is particularly with abdominal weight gain, which can lead to metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes.

Low T can also cause decreases in muscle mass, increases in body fat, and a decrease in bone density. All of these can lead to weight gain and a decrease in physical activity.

Low testosterone levels can contribute to poor diet and exercise choices. Men may be more apt to overeat and therefore gain excessive amounts of weight, leading to a much unhealthier lifestyle.

Low levels of testosterone can also lead to elevated levels of cortisol. This can increase visceral fat and lead to further weight gain even with diet and exercise.

4. Hair Loss

Men suffering from low T may experience thinning of the hair, increased shedding, and baldness at the crown or temples. The condition, known as androgenic alopecia, may be a sign of Low T. It should be checked out by a doctor.

5. Irritability

Those with low T may become easily frustrated and argumentative. They may also act impulsively and lash out at those around them. They may experience mood swings, becoming irritated or angry out of proportion to the situation.

Irritability can be associated with a lack of energy, lack of motivation, and loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. It may also be connected to difficulty in concentration and increased fatigue.

Low T can also cause depression in men, which can be a contributing factor to irritability.

Consult Your Doctor Now If You Feel These Symptoms of Low T in Men

Low T in men can cause physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of low t in men, it is important to talk to your doctor. See if this is a viable treatment for you today.

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