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5 reasons why ludo is popular in India

Visit any Indian household and you will find a ludo board kept somewhere securely as a major means of family entertainment. Ludo has been one of the most loved and played games in most Indian houses for decades.

Although the mode of the game changed from a physical ludo board to an online ludo game, but the emotions and the excitement remained the same. Ludo has become an integral part of Indian culture and most Indians have developed expertise in the game because of the exposure from an early age.

Ludo as part of Indian History:

Popular as Chaupar in ancient times, Ludo is a game that can be traced back in history from the times of the Pandavas. If the exact origin of the games is to be tracked then it goes back to the historic Ellora caves in Maharastra.

The first appearance of Ludo was in Mahabharat where the game led to the battle of Mahabharat. The dices used in that game was believed to be prepared from the bones of the deceased relatives of Shakuni, a prominent character in the Mahabharat.

Evolving from the age of the Mahabharat, Ludo was even popular during the Mughal Reign, where there are enough pieces of evidence to prove Akbar’s liking for the game. Some floors and walls of Fatehpur Sikri resemble the Ludo board and are dedicated to the game. However, the Mughals made a bit of alteration to the game where they used real people in life-sized boards rather than shells or seeds as tokens.

It is indeed surprising how such an ancient game has successfully evolved through the wrath of time and had reached a point where developers are creating its versions of mobile games. There must be no doubt some major developments and changes are adopted but the feel and the emotion associated with the game remained the same.

With this amount of popularity and acceptance, there must be no doubt some good reasons behind all this hype and love for Ludo in India. Let’s dig out the five most valid reasons behind the popularity of Ludo in India:

Five Reasons for the Popularity of Ludo in India:

The Emotional Connection:

Indians have an unexplainable bond with Ludo that connects generations and has taken the form of an emotion. When Indian families come together and plan to spend quality time, the first game that comes to their minds is Ludo. The innocence and excitement of the game make it the best option for family times. In a more recent context, when the covid 19 pandemic broke out and the country was in complete lockdown, the offline and online ludo game came as a great relief for people. Families found their means of entertainment and relief from the stress by playing a game of Ludo.

Developing Family Bonds:

The Online or offline ludo games can be played by four people at a time or by two teams of two people each. This gaming format allows the development of the spirit of teamwork and also the bonds between each other. When playing the game with family, you get to enjoy the time together and create memories for a lifetime. It provides the opportunity to bring the family members together and enjoy rather than doing their own thing for their individual entertainment.

Enhances Cognitive Development:

Ludo is a game that tests the reasoning and planning capability of individuals and thus helps in developing cognitive skills. While playing Ludo, one needs to simultaneously plan the attack and the defence strategy which in turn enhances the critical thinking capability and the logical and spatial reasoning capacities. So, undoubtedly, apart from the entertainment part, there are also some great benefits of playing Ludo.

Stress Reduction:

Ludo as a game is a great stress buster for people. Even during the quarantine period, Ludo helped people cope with the stress and anxiety of that time. Playing a game of online Ludo games can help destress after a bad day at work or after a stressful situation. With Ludo, you forget your stress and enjoy the game thus relieving yourself of the mental strain.

A great Pasttime:

Ludo has been entertaining Indians for many decades now and is a favourite pastime game for its easy-to-understand rules and simplicity. Apart from this Ludo allows the flexibility to play anytime and anywhere, more so with the version of the mobile games. Its capacity to bring everyone together is what makes it a perfect tea-time game where the family can come together and enjoy the game over a cup of tea.

Wrapping Up

Needless to say, Ludo is a game that is loved by people of all age groups.  Everyone irrespective of age or gender plays it with equal interest and enthusiasm. In the Indian context, Ludo is probably the best-invented board game and so it also brought greater opportunities for the online versions. Of late, many companies have developed online Ludo games that keep intact the drama, suspense and thrill of the game along with bringing the flexibility of playing with complete strangers. So, if you are a Ludo fan, you can check out the available online ludo game and try your luck.