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5 Reasons to undergo SQL server certification

Almost everyone should raise their hand. Databases have an effect on our everyday life in some way. Consider coffee as an example. When you purchase a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, you scan your Starbucks card to receive two Starbucks Stars (points), which you may use to buy further lattes in the future. The data is then entered into a database.

You can certainly guess how much data needs to be kept and accessed based on how well-known Starbucks is. Pretty intimidating, no?

The good news is that SQL, a computer language created to manage data in a relational database management system, is here to help us make use of vast volumes of data.

A standardized programming language called Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to administer relational databases and carry out various operations on the data they contain. Originally developed in the 1970s, SQL is frequently used by database administrators as well as programmers creating scripts for data integration and data analysts setting up and running analytical queries.

Let’s go into five reasons why you should study SQL now that we have our Starbucks and our incentives.

1) Data is everywhere, and SQL Aids in data management:

The data is great. Data is used in almost every industry, including farming, which may be enhanced using GPS and databases. But where does this data come from? Friends, SQL is the solution! With SQL, you can always request the exact information you need. That concept appears straightforward until you are faced with 500 petabytes and find it impossible to get a clear response from it. If you know how to ask, SQL solves this issue by giving you the data you need the first time you ask for it.

2) SQL Performs Well in the Cloud:

A new era of technology is being ushered in by the cloud. Despite this, SQL won’t be obsolete any time soon. Google “which cloud platforms use SQL” right away. The Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure were mentioned in the first four results of our search. Further investigation reveals that AWS supports SQL within Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS), along with a full complement of tools that let you make the most of your data. Why does this matter? Even if NoSQL big data applications become effective, SQL will still have a valuable place in the future of technology.

3) Increase Your Marketability by Learning SQL:

In light of the latter reason, being known as the expert on SQL can greatly increase your marketability, particularly as big data continues to gain popularity in the IT industry. In the end, data is useless if no one knows how to store, retrieve, and comprehend it. You can help in the situation. Conquer SQL and contribute to meeting the demand for experts who can use it.

4) SQL Continues to Rule Supreme:

Sure, there are differences across platforms that employ SQL, but whether they are simple or complex, data access queries are utilized almost everywhere. The conclusion is that SQL is still the most widely used standard query language. So once more, knowing SQL and using it correctly will help you take advantage of Google and Amazon Web Services robust features.

5) Displays Already Learned Skills:

A Microsoft SQL certification demonstrates to companies that a candidate has the necessary skills and is ready to demonstrate them by pursuing Microsoft certification. Given the difficulties the IT industry faces, having certified skills on a résumé can mean the difference between getting hired and going on the dole.


In addition to being a programming language, SQL also enables us to work with data by viewing it as logical sets, just as joins in SQL adhere to the Venn diagram paradigm. It is accurate to describe it as a computer language that incorporates set theory ideas. Programming languages are typically thought to be used exclusively for programming, but SQL defies this notion.

One of the most well-known databases is Microsoft SQL Server. The development of Big Data Clusters Services and SQL Server Machine Learning shows no indications of slowing down.

A comprehensive collection of foundational, intermediate, and expert-level Microsoft SQL certifications or SQL Certification is offered by Microtek Learning.

With the use of T-SQL, students can study lessons on understanding trigger concepts and data modification.