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5 Profitable Horse Racing Strategies for the Breeder’s Cup

The Breeder’s Cup is fast approaching, and there’s no better time to join in on the fun since many famous horses and jockeys will participate in the event. This horse racing event is one of the biggest each year, so you can assume that it will be significant as usual. Also, many rising stars will participate in this event as a warm-up for the upcoming horse racing events.

So if you want to join in on the fun, there are a lot of strategies you can use in the Breeder’s Cup. Don’t worry if you’re not that experienced; we are here to discuss some of the most popular and proven strategies to win you a few hundred bucks in the event. Here are some of them.

Horse and Jockey Partnership

Chemistry between horse and jockey is an important factor in horse racing. Knowing the chemistry between them can be a beneficial strategy that’ll improve your chances of winning your bet. In this strategy, you must look for partners that have shown good results in previous runs. This one is one of the most common breeders cup betting strategies

A horse that isn’t warmed up to their jockey can spell trouble. Of course, not every great jockey can be paired up with any horse or vice versa. It always takes that special bond for a jockey and horse to produce great results on the racecourse. Capitalize on this bond and bet on whichever duo is fixed on winning the race.

Check the Trainers

When you identify a good horse in the roster, you should back its odds up by checking its trainer. In the racing form, you can usually see the past performance of the trainer, which signifies his winning percentages. In this aspect, you should check if the trainer has at least won at least 17% of their races. 

This is usually the highest as someone with over 20% is exceptional, and 30% is rare. Of course, if you have those numbers, then you should bet on them, but again, they’re quite rare, and 17% is already pretty great.

Look at the Jockeys

It’s not only horses and trainers with a winning percentage but also jockeys. And of course, as usual, they can be easily seen in the racing forms, so you don’t have to scour the internet for them. When it comes to jockeys, a 15% win rate is already respectable enough, so you can look out for that number. 

On some circuits, however, you can sometimes see a 20% win rate, which is good for a jockey. With that number, it’s pretty much established that they know how to win the race or are at least very familiar with it. Additionally, you should also look at the jockey and trainer combo. 

You can sometimes see that there are pairs that win almost every race that they come across. That should not go past you, as betting on them is a guaranteed win. However, they can be scarce, so always keep a lookout.

Lay Betting

This strategy is quite simple, and you can easily apply it to other forms of sports betting other than horse racing. In this strategy, it’s implied that you’ll have to bet against a runner. To do this, first, you must determine the winning horses in a race, at most three. After that, you can then check their odds. 

Once you’ve determined their odds, look for horses that have odds between 3.0 and 6.0, or look for the underdog for the race. This strategy boasts an 80% win rate, so losing this bet is pretty hard. However, if you’re still losing in this strategy, you might want to go back to straight bets because it seems you have a talent for guessing which horse will win.

The Beaten Favorite

This one is simple. The idea behind this strategy is that if a horse had a winning streak in its recent races but suddenly came to a halt because it lost its previous race, then there’s a chance that it’s only a tiny setback. So if you see a horse in this situation, you must look at its previous races. 

This is because when a horse has a winning streak, the trainer will try his luck in other races, which can stop its winning streak. That said, if you noticed that a horse suddenly changed track surfaces or track types, then went back to the former, there’s a good chance it will start winning again. It’s pretty easy to spot, so you can’t miss it.

Final Words

The Breeder’s Cup is approaching, and a lot of money will be made in that event. If you’re looking to fatten up your purse, you can use one of the abovementioned strategies. They’re proven and tested by professionals, so they should also work on you with some practice.