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5 of 2023’s Top SEO Trends

Looking to establish or maintain your status as a relevant business on the internet? Well, if you heed last year’s SEO trends, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. You can find this out for yourself by checking out our handy guide.

2020 has left businesses all over the world searching for ways to get back online and reach their full potential. Read on for our roundup of the top SEO trends of 2023.

1. Optimizing for Voice Search

As the use of voice services continues to grow, businesses must acknowledge that customers often search differently through voice than via text. It’s often phrased as questions and tends to be more locally specific than typed searches.

Businesses must ensure their local listings are accurate and include important keywords to appear in local voice search results. Well-crafted page content that answers customer questions accurately and directly is key to being picked up by voice search.

 2. Content Optimization Strategies

Content optimization is key to increased website visibility and increased return on investment. An effective SEO strategy allows businesses to leverage their content more effectively by focusing on the best topics, the most relevant keywords, and suitable formats.

This increased visibility translates into higher search rankings, website traffic, and an increase in overall ROI. Content optimization strategies must be tailored to the business needs and with an emphasis on delivering high-quality content that resonates with viewers.

Also, KeyStar search marketing strategists will help you build a custom strategy after hearing your specific goals. They will develop an SEO plan that returns way more return on investment (ROI) than you expect.

3. Structured Data and Schema Markup

Structured data is created by using code, and it helps to simplify and organize data in a more efficient and useful way. This makes it easier for search engine crawlers to interpret the data and is better suited for indexing by browsers.

Schema markup is a type of structured data which can be used to provide additional context about various elements in webpages. Providing further information about the content can aid SEO efforts significantly by helping search engines quickly interpret the content and assign a relevant ranking.

 4. The Rise of Mobile SEO

As consumers move more towards search on their mobile devices, companies will need to ensure their mobile SEO efforts are top-notch. Mobile-friendly sites with quick loading times, optimized content, and an enjoyable user experience will be essential.

With Google incorporating mobile-first indexing, page speed and mobile responsiveness have become even more important. This means that companies must not only be conscious of their desktop SEO strategies but also their mobile SEO strategies as well.

 5. Leveraging Visual Search and Rich Snippets

Leveraging visual search and rich snippets is key to optimizing any site for better rankings. Businesses can start using the Google Lens software to enhance their visuals. It allows images to be used as a search query.

Rich snippets accurately describe the page content and take the burden of finding content off the user. They’re used to pull out important pieces of a website, such as reviews, and make them easier to access.

Learn More About SEO Trends Today

SEO has constantly evolved to meet the changing landscape, and 2023 is no different. Keeping track of the top SEO trends of 2023 can help you and your business stay ahead of the competition.

So, brush up on the trends, put your best practices in place, and watch your web traffic soar. Act now to ensure your success!

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