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5 Best People Search Engines in 2023


A people search engine is a tool that provides a way to trace people and look up their information online. These tools are typically set up of directories and databases that were obtained from reliable, accurate public records, including government sources. 

To perform a people search, you will need basic information about your target. This can be their name, email, or phone number. You’ll use this information to search, and the tool will provide you with a comprehensive report about the individual.

The report will contain up-to-date and accurate information. After performing a search, the type of info you can get includes personal information like age and contact details, address, and marital status. This information can be helpful when searching for old friends.

You can also discover damning information like criminal records, background checks, and sex offender data. This information can be helpful when confirming the legitimacy of a stranger. 

Finding a reliable platform can be daunting, with many platforms to choose from. To make it easy for you, we have made this detailed guide of the top 5 best people search engines in 2023 that you can use to find anyone.

Best People Search Engines in 2023

Over the last few years, people search engines have grown exponentially in popularity. Today, when you need to find a childhood friend or get more information about a blind date, you will need an online people finder website. This website will help you get information that a person might be reluctant to share. Once you find this information, you can make a more informed decision.

But to ensure that you don’t waste time browsing hundreds of websites and databases to find information or hire a private investigator, you can use a people search engine. But not all people finder platforms are the same. You need the best. And the best people search engines in 2023 are: 

1. People Find Fast – Best Overall People Finder in 2023

2. Coco Finder – Best People Search for Background Check

3. Fast People Search – Best For Finding Extensive Information About People

4. Real People Search – Best For Performing Unlimited People Search

5. Search People Free – Best For Identifying People Online

People Find Fast 


PeopleFindFast is a reputable US-based public record search engine that helps Americans know more about people close to them without paying hefty fees. The platform’s primary aim is to offer full-fledged details transparency, allowing everyone easy access to the database. 

Whether you are looking to find a person secretly or research your neighbor, People Find Fast allows you to perform a secure search and receive detailed reports without visiting tens of other websites. You can easily search for anyone using their name, phone number, email, and state/City.

PeopleFindFast comes with tons of features that make searching for people hassle-free. Its easy-to-use web design allows you to perform searches quickly and save time. Its friendly privacy policy ensures you don’t worry about your data being misappropriated or used to track you online. The entire search process is confidential. 


1. Offers an array of services apart from people’s search

2. It gives in-depth and up-to-date search results 

3. Uses verified and credible sources to acquire information 

4. Offers 24/7 customer support 

5. Offers super-fast results 


1. It doesn’t have a people directory.

Best Overall People Finder in 2023

Coco Finder


CocoFinder is a people search engine service that finds people and people-related information in public records. The platform will provide you with complete and in-depth data on any person using search tags such as name or email. 

CocoFinder is integrated with various reliable public records of all government levels, from local to federal. When you perform a search, CocoFinder will search your target on this database and provide a matching person profile. The result is usually contained in a report that provides all the information about a person available for public access. This includes a background search, criminal history, and personal details.


1. Relies on trusted and verified sources 

2. Fast and easy to use 

3. Available on both desktop and mobile

4. 24/7 support

5. No data tracking 


1. Some people’s search services are not free

Best People Search for Background Check

Fast People Search


FastPeopleSearch is people search that provides users with detailed reports or any individual public records and data. The extensive account allows you to know everything you need about a person. It’s a useful tool that can come in handy when carrying out due diligence on anyone you are curious about, both for personal and security reasons.

To provide users with accurate reports, the platform sources information from vetted and reliable sources and stores them in secured databases. This ensures you can search for anyone and receive the most accurate information possible. Apart from people search, FastPeopleSearch also offers additional services such as background search.


1. Sources information from verified and trustworthy sources 

2. Responsive customer service team

3. Massive and up-to-date databases 

4. Encrypted servers to enhance the security and privacy of users


1. It can only provide information on US-based people.

Best For Finding Extensive Information About People

Real People Search


RealPeopleSearch is a people search engine that helps users easily search for publicly available information about anyone. The platforms understand the hassle people have to go through to find information. It was essentially created to solve these problems.

It concisely packs and aggregates all the known, available and vital information in one report and shows it to the user. This ensures you never have to do multiple searches to find the target person. RealPeopleSearch can help you find people’s court records, public records, and criminal history, marriage, and divorce records. It does all this in a fast and secure manner.


1. The platform collects data from credible sources.

2. Respect and protects users’ privacy by keeping them anonymous 

3. Offers comprehensive reports

4. Allows you to conduct unlimited searches 

5. RealPeopleSearch has a cooperative customer support team.


1. You will need to sign up to download the search report. 

Best For Performing Unlimited People Search

Search People Free


SearchPeopleFree is a web-based people search engine designed to help users find lost friends, family, and other contacts easily. The platform employs multiple features that enable users to obtain extensive information about a target using their phone numbers or email address. 

The platform’s primary aim is to enable everyone to access public information anytime without paying huge fees and using a lot of effort. For this reason, they allow you to search and find full information about your target at zero costs. To ensure transparency, SearchPeopleFree delivers its report in a user-friendly format, allowing easy perusal. 


1. High-speed servers that allow for a quick and easy search experience 

2. Round-the-clock customer support 

3. Compatibility with all types of devices 

4. Rich and authentic data source 


1. Some search reports may contain little information. 

Best For Identifying People Online

How to Pick the Best People Search Engine

When searching for people, you must use a search engine that will help you find all the information you need about a person. For that reason, there are multiple things you should consider before starting your search. Those factors include the type of information you want, how fast you need the information, and your budget. 

Once you have decided to look for a search engine, look out for these features when choosing the best people finder:

  • Privacy Policy: The best people search engines respect the privacy of their clients. For this reason, they will ask for little personal information from you, protect your identity when using their services, and offer you a chance to request the removal of your personal information. 


  • Credible Source of Data: The best people search engine understand that their users want the most accurate, authentic, and up-to-date information. To achieve this, they collect their data from the most reliable sources, such as courthouses, government databases, and other authenticated public directories. This ensures a high level of accuracy. 


  • Superfast Searches and Comprehensive Reports: The best search engines know that their clients are busy people who don’t want to waste time. Therefore, they strive to make the search process quick by allowing you to browse the matching profiles easily. Once you find your target, they will let you download a complete report containing all personal details, criminal records, and vital documentation. 


People’s search engines provide an easy way to find anyone online. You can use this service to verify the identities of new acquaintances or find a long-lost contact. The information you receive from these websites is typically reliable and can help you achieve your goals.

However, ensure that you conduct enough research before choosing a search engine. This will help you pick the best sites, protect your data, and save time.

This can be achieved through reading reviews and visiting different sites. In this article, we have made that easy for you. The top five people search engine we discussed above all have unique features that can address your needs. Additionally, they have all the attributes you should look out for when choosing a people finder: a strong privacy policy, comprehensive reports, and reliable data sources.