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5 Advantages of Living in Midwest States

The Midwest is growing by leaps and bounds with more people moving to the area each year. Chicago is the third largest city with a population of 2.72 million people.

Cities like Indianapolis have more than 800,000 people, while Minneapolis has a population of roughly 400,000.

If you’re interested in moving to the Midwest, there are some benefits that you will enjoy. Here are some of the perks you might appreciate when living in the Midwest states.

1. The Cost of Living

When you live in the Midwest region, you generally won’t pay nearly as much as you’ll pay in other cities. The Twin Cities have a roughly $66,000 cost of living, with median household salaries of more than $80,000.

Cities in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, and Ohio all have popular cities with a low cost of living and plenty of earning potential. You’ll appreciate that your money goes a long way, along with an excellent quality of life.

2. Authentic Culture and History

The Midwest has a culture all its own. There’s a good mixture of natives and transplants. Various religions and ethnic groups are all represented in the Midwest.

Midwest living has plenty of personality and there are historical mainstays that set it apart from other regions of the country. You will love immersing yourself in the traditions of the area and learning what they have to offer.

3. Die-Hard Major Sports

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love that all of the major sports are well represented all throughout the Midwest. In Chicago, you have the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks.

People in Minnesota and parts of Iowa and the Dakotas all rally behind the Vikings, Timberwolves, Twins, and Wild. Detroit has been part of some legendary sports moments with the Pistons and is home to the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings.

It’s not uncommon for big fights to land in the Midwest. The Armory in Minnesota is a legendary fight hub that has seen a resurgence in recent years.

If you’re a sports entertainment fan, WWE regularly schedules stops throughout the Midwest for house shows, Raw and Smackdown episodes, and Pay-Per-View events.

4. Four Seasons of Weather

While the sunshine of California and Florida are to die for and the snowfalls of New England are legendary, there’s something to be said about four expressive seasons of weather.

You will get that in the Midwest in spades. The winter snowfall and cold temperatures in Minneapolis and Chicago can be incredibly frigid, but it warms up and is lake weather when summer rolls around.

Because the seasons might also bring about weather calamities, make sure that you also get your insurance in order. If you live in certain midwestern states, make sure that you pay attention to the tornado warning and tornado watch alerts, and make sure your insurance plans are up to par to address tornado damage adequately.

The weather might also mean you need to call tornado damage claim attorneys to help you with a case.

5. Great Industries and Opportunity

Finally, there are also plenty of industries available for you to earn a tremendous living. Whether you’re in tech, high education, agriculture, finance, or any other field, there’s plenty of opportunity to go around in the Midwest.

This applies whether you’re living in a major city like Chicago or a small city like St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

The Benefits of Living in the Midwest States

Living in the Midwest states comes with its own set of benefits that you might appreciate. Consider these five tips if you are thinking about relocating to the Midwest and want to see what the area has to offer.

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