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4 Things You Might Not Know About Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the hottest smartwatches, constantly attracting the attention of tech enthusiasts. However, are you sure you know everything about the Apple Watch Series 8? Let’s take a look at the top 4 unique features below!

Have you understood Apple Watch Series 8 thoroughly?

1. Apple Watch Series 8 is the first watch with dedicated health features for women

As many women know, there are useful apps available to track menstrual cycles and predict ovulation based on individual cycles. Although these calculations are scientifically based, they often have certain margins of error and may not accurately apply to everyone.

To address this, the Apple Watch Series 8 introduces a skin temperature sensor that provides a more visual and accurate estimation of ovulation. By measuring temperature every 5 seconds during sleep, the watch compares the results and detects any unusual changes in a woman’s body. This allows for proactive and accurate prediction of the next menstrual cycle.

Apple Watch Series 8 is the first smartwatch with health care features specifically designed for women

Apple Watch Series 8 is the first smartwatch with dedicated health features for women. This demonstrates Apple’s commitment to its female users. With its attractive features, it’s no wonder that the Apple Watch Series 8 41mm is in high demand at ShopDunk. It offers all the necessary functions, is reasonably priced, and has a compact and stylish design that suits women’s wrists. If you’re interested, don’t forget to visit ShopDunk to try out the product!

2. Convenient Water Lock feature for swimmers

Another exciting feature of the Apple Watch Series 8 that swimmers shouldn’t overlook is the Water Lock feature. This feature disables the watch’s screen while swimming to prevent water from entering. However, it still allows you to record all your swimming data.

The Water Lock feature is extremely convenient for swimmers

Moreover, after swimming, you can easily use the Digital Crown to expel water droplets trapped inside the watch’s speaker. At that point, the watch automatically disables the Water Lock feature, and you can review whether you achieved your goals during the swimming session.

Currently, the Apple Watch Series 8 45mm is the most popular choice among swimmers at ShopDunk. Many reviews suggest that the 45mm screen enhances interaction when the hand is wet and makes it easier to use when the hand is dry. If you want to validate this firsthand, head straight to ShopDunk to experience the product!

3. Exercise in Power Reserve mode to save battery efficiently

By enabling Power Reserve mode during exercise sessions, you can effectively save battery life on your Apple Watch Series 8 while still capturing heart rate, workout intensity, speed, and distance data.

Apple Watch Series 8 has a power-saving mode that reduces the frequency of heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking to save battery life

The Apple Watch Series 8 reduces the frequency of heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking in this mode. It temporarily disables other features and only runs essential functions like heart rate monitoring, location tracking, calorie counting, and more. Additionally, you can further adjust the frequency of heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking to save more battery. Fewer measurements will result in better battery performance.

4. Easy access to international roaming services on the watch

After many years, the Apple Watch Series 8 finally integrates international roaming capabilities. This allows you to easily use cellular services, make calls, and send messages without interruption when traveling abroad. This is truly essential as it gives you more control over your journey, reducing dependency on your phone or public Wi-Fi networks.

With Apple Watch Series 8, you can easily switch to international roaming

With the Apple Watch Series 8, you can effortlessly switch to international roaming. Upon arrival at your destination, you’ll have immediate access to data for 3G/4G connectivity, ensuring secure communication with your loved ones, checking work emails, or simply finding your way to the pre-booked hotel. Compared to carrying multiple devices, using a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 8 is much more convenient and practical.

So, these were the 4 things you just learned about Apple Watch Series 8. These are all advantages that you shouldn’t miss out on with this watch. What’s more, the Apple Watch Seri 8 is currently available at attractive prices at ShopDunk, along with great gift offers. The current prices of the product range from 9,090,000 to 19,990,000 VND (~400 to 900 USD).

For more details, we invite you to visit the ShopDunk store for a free product experience and immediate consultation today!

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