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4 Things to Do on Your Upcoming Maine Vacation

In 2021, over 15 million tourists chose to visit Maine for its beautiful nature and intriguing attractions. Popular Maine attractions have helped the state easily recover from the financial effects of Covid-19.

You’ll want to spend your time wisely if you’re considering a vacation in Maine. While there are a ton of things to do in Maine, narrowing down the list is challenging!

The following guide will explore the top 4 things to do on your upcoming trip to The Pine Tree State.

1. Visit Portland

If you want to get the full Maine experience in a short amount of time, consider visiting Portland. There you’ll find an abundance of lighthouses, local foods, local breweries, art, and entertainment.

You can walk the cobblestone streets to many unique shops and restaurants in the Old Port district. Visitors also frequent the waterfront park and the Portland Museum of Art while they’re there.

If you have enough time, consider visiting these coastal towns in Maine as well.

2. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park boasts breathtaking scenic landscapes that you shouldn’t pass up. Its dense mountains perfectly frame the relaxing harbor waters making for wonderful photo opportunities!

You can hike deep into the trees for an unforgettable nature experience or find a beautiful spot to unwind along the coast. No matter where you end up in the park, you’re sure to have a stunning view.

You can access Acadia National Park from the nearby city of Bar Harbor, which is a fun location in its own right. Keep in mind that the entire park isn’t open all year, but two trails on Park Loop Road stay open no matter the season.

3. Nubble Lighthouse

You can’t access Nubble Lighthouse, but you can snap some amazing photos of it from the coast. You’ll find the lighthouse down south on Nubble Island which sits off the coast of Cape Neddick.

Nubble Lighthouse stands over 39 feet tall and dates back to 1879. Its light is still used t this day and travels over 13 nautical miles.

From the shore, you can also get excellent views of the lighthouse keepers’ home. There’s also a visitor center and a gift shop worth checking out while you’re there. You’ll also find a viewing telescope to get an up-close view of the historic lighthouse.

4. Maine Maritime Museum

Maine’s maritime lifestyle has helped shape the state into what visitors know today. At the Maine Maritime Museum, you can learn all about the state’s maritime past and its influence on Maine’s development.

The museum opened in 1962 and quickly became a must-see attraction in Maine for those curious about one of the state’s most notable industries. It includes 20,000 artifacts, artwork, and documents for visitors to explore.

It’s also part of a complex that contains a research library and buildings for ship-making. When you pay to enter the museum, you also get access to the campus which includes different lectures and informative guided tours.

You can also catch a cruise tour along the coast or Kennebec River from the museum. It’s a wonderful option want to view and learn more about the lighthouses in the area.

Planning a Maine Vacation

Now that you have 4 great options to consider, you can start planning your Maine vacation with confidence. There are plenty of Maine nature attractions, coastal towns, and history waiting to take your breath away.

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