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4 Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend – No matter when you started dating

It is hard to break the bad news to you, but whether you have been dating your boyfriend for a month or four years now, it is NEVER easy to shop for them. How can you shop for someone who does not need anything? It is easier to shop for a meaningful gift for your BFF or mom but buying it for your better half becomes trickier. You can prepare the birthday gift for boyfriend as long as you focus on the fact that no one knows him better than you. Remember about the time you have spent with him, those special moments when he shared about his life and interests, his passion and hobbies – you will find all the clues there.

With this knowledge and wisdom, you can go for the best surprise birthday gift for him based on his personality trait and choices. You can go for something romantic or funny or anything that perfectly describes those memorable moments that you two share in your relationship. If you want to make it more special, you can go for a customised gift that are unique and will tell him that you are the BEST girlfriend EVER!

With careful planning and creativity, you can easily surprise your boyfriend with the perfect gift that he will definitely appreciate. To help you prepare it, we are here with the list of 5 surprise birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend that will make him feel special. Scroll over!

1. Personalized Relationship Star Map

Source: etsy.com

Do you remember the day or night it all started? It is one-of-a-kind feeling that is just incomparable with anything that has ever happened with you. Your boyfriend has cherished you ever since and you always reminisce how it all started and feel the beautiful moments you have spent together from then on. What if you could mark that day into an exquisite star map? This map is a unique way to recall those moments when it all started – no one has them since it is truly yours. Surprise your boyfriend with this personalized star map that he would never ever forget about.

2. Beautiful Home Shape Box

Source : fusiongifts.in

Do you want to WOW your boyfriend with the most special gift ever? What if you could customize that gift with the memories that you two cherish and he unfurls it piece by piece, door by door, card by card… What does that mean? Have you seen a home that opens up to new possibilities? Well, this dreams-do-come-true gift has the power of spreading happiness for your boyfriend every 5 seconds till he opens it all! This unique home shape box has inside it the photographs of your special memories in each crevice that creates a moment of surprise and instant happiness. He will love it for sure!

3. Better Together Personalized Love Book

Source: uncommongoods.com

Every couple has a unique story and so do you – don’t you? But you never have enough words to describe your love for him when confronted. What if you could express your story in the most sweet and romantic manner that will totally blow him away? Get ready to surprise your partner with this cute & personalized love book Better Together that tells your one-of-a-kind heartfelt story. It contains every little moment that you two spent together that means a lot to you and have brought you two here – your first coffee together, first date, first kiss, meet cue, etc. Every page is full of moments where you express how you want to say those 3 magical words to him.

4. Luck-to-be-in-Love Frame

Source: amazon.com

Before becoming your boyfriend, was your man your best friend? Well, falling in love with your best friend is one of the wonderful things that could happen to anyone, per se – it is an awesome feeling! What if you both could reminisce those moments of transition to being best of friends to soul mates over and over again? With this creative wooden frame, your memories will last forever. This can be the visual declaration of your endless love on his birthday – the perfect gift EVER!

We know how it goes for you on his birthday every year: You know him so well – his favorite drink, his favorite music, even his smartphone passcode – but you still find yourself in trouble when you try to think about a surprise gift for him that is just-right.  And we get it – we have all been there – yes, boys ARE HARD to shop for! Whether you have exhausted all the gift ideas in all these years, or it just seems like he has everything that he needs, we understand the struggle you are facing in picking out gifts for your boyfriend. That’s why we came to your rescue with a carefully curated surprise gift ideas that he will love FOR SURE. We have you covered, make this birthday special for him – cheers!