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4 Common International Shipping Errors and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that 46% of consumers said one attribute they look for in a brand or retailer is reliability?

The international shipping process is crucial to your business. You need your goods to arrive at their destination on time and without damage so you can earn repeat customers.

But international shipping is a complicated process that requires a lot of planning, documentation, and money. If you’re not careful, the wrong set of circumstances could cost you thousands of dollars and leave your customer base unsatisfied.

If you are wondering how to avoid common international shipping errors, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Not Using a Reputable Carrier

When choosing a shipping company, it is important to find one that has a proven track record.

A good carrier will tell you ahead of time how long it will take for your packages to reach their destination. They will also tell you what types of documents are required.

You want to use a reputable shipping company because they will be in charge of the entire process. You can also have peace of mind that your packages will arrive safely at their destination.

If you are looking for a carrier, contact a freight brokers agent today.

2. Not Double-Checking Your Shipping Address

If you are shipping a package internationally, your address must be correct.

If the carrier cannot find your package, they will return it to the sender. This means it will not reach its destination and you will need to resend it at your own expense.

Double-check everything from the name on the packaging to the country of origin before sending items overseas by air freight or sea freight.

3. Not Securing Your Package Sufficiently

The next thing to do before shipping your package is to secure it properly.

If your package is not securely closed, it might open during transit and the contents will fall out. This can be dangerous for fragile items or those that are valuable.

You will want to secure your package with tape, as well as shrink wrap or other materials that can hold it together. You may also want to use padding around any fragile items to prevent them from being damaged during transit.

4. Not Following Export Laws and Restrictions

If you are shipping your package internationally, then you need to be aware of any laws or restrictions that might apply.

You will want to make sure that you do not send any items that are prohibited in the destination country, such as firearms or drugs. If there are any restrictions on what you can ship out of a particular country, then consider that when packing your shipment.

Avoid These Common International Shipping Errors

International shipping can be complicated. However, by avoiding these common international shipping errors, you can help to make sure that your shipment gets where it needs to go.

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