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4 Benefits of Hotel Sales and Catering Software with CRM Features

Events and bookings are picking up again, and hotels need to get ready for the busiest fall season. Diving back into business can be difficult when you have a lot of systems that all hold data with varying amounts of urgency. Between property customer relationship management software (CRM), management systems (PMS), and point of sale tools (POS), it’s hard to remember which system holds what information.

Wouldn’t it be great to send your welcome emails directly to the right clients? It’s tough to gather a list of “the good ones” when you need to hunt for them across 50 different systems. Why not make it easy with Tripleseat’s club sales software along with its integrated CRM features for your hotel or restaurant staff?

1. It’s a one-stop shop

One software to handle your sales and catering needs? That sounds awesome! Tripleseat lives up to its name: you can connect all your data from A to Z, so you can create and edit bookings efficiently. With the streamlining offered by Tripleseat, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your contact information or misdirecting it because every piece of information flows freely into the appropriate BEO, business-to-business contract, invoice, and other documents.

Your customers deserve to know specifically what you offer as a business. With the hotel CRM software and catering information in the same place, you can create an entire picture of their customer experience.

Tripleseat can help you manage your customer contacts by keeping track of industry standards and matching them with up-to-date information. Our service clears out which duplicate accounts should be deleted to make room for the new revenue you’ll be getting from those sales!

2. Reporting becomes a whole lot easier

A CRM and sales and catering combo can provide a lot of data about the business. What’s important to keep in mind is that there are some similarities and some differences between these types of systems. You’ll need to look at both in order to capture as much information as possible for your clients, employees, and management.


Momentum is everything when it comes to your business. One of the best ways to improve your performance is to have access to historical data that you can use for reporting and analyzing profits. Specially combining past group booking information with past client information, which gives you a baseline for projecting annual sales, creating revenue projections, targeting repeat clients — you get the idea.

Tripleseat makes it easy to customize, create reports, and customize the information that goes on them. You can make predictions based off of real-time custom data or use any other metrics you see fit. You can also create reports of your top spending clients and other target groups. Tripleseat is a powerful tool which you can create valuable content with for your team to review and analyze.

3. You can enhance cross-departmental communication

The key to increased cross-departmental communication is aggregating data from different software platforms into one place. Our platform makes it easy for your team to analyze how marketing, finance, HR, and other departments interact with customers and use predictive analytics to make better business decisions. You can have as many users per location as you need.

Tripleseat distributes user roles based on their user profiles. Whereas for your chef, this could be the ability to view documents but not edit them, and for your sales team, it would be the ability to view all documents but not edit them.

Installing Tripleseat is like getting rid of your messy sticky notes with the random phone numbers. With our website, you can set up your front desk team to handle incoming calls and automatically add them to your site’s Leads section. When you reach out for a customer, you can also work with them through our platform. Doesn’t that make life a little easier?

This is a sentence rewriter.

4. Get access to useful dashboard visuals

A good dashboard is an easy snapshot of what your company does. You can pull information from spreadsheets, which many people find boring. Visual dashboards offer a good way for people to keep a close eye on what’s happening within your company. It’s also an easy way to send department heads your average sales numbers.

Find the best sales and catering software for hotels.

Are you on the hunt for a new game-changing digital tool to drive revenue and increase your bottom line? If so, then check out Tripleseat! This tool not only helps you manage group sales more easily, it also aids with event scheduling and cutting down on lead times. Have a chat with our helpful reps today to learn more.