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3 Key Things to Know About IPL Machines for Skin Rejuvenation

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a dermatological procedure that can brighten darker regions of skin, lighten scars, and even aid with the appearance of spider veins and unwanted hair.

IPL operates in a manner reminiscent of laser therapy. The main distinction is that although IPL uses various wavelengths of light energy, laser therapy only uses one. Compared to laser therapy, IPL can fix a more significant area of skin faster.

1. About IPL Machines

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines are not to be confused with lasers, even though they are often referred to as such. IPL machines do not amplify or stimulate light, but instead they use filters to allow light of different wavelengths to penetrate the skin.

Spectrum IPL machines are designed to provide specific treatments for sun damage pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, acne, and hair reduction. These treatments are intended to provide medical-grade results and may be used in succession to augment the effectiveness of the treatments.

IPL devices are, therefore, not lasers.

Buying an IPL is similar to buying a vehicle in that you “get what you pay for.” For a few thousand dollars, lower-end machines can be bought.

2. What To Expect During and After the Treatment Procedure

While receiving IPL therapy may cause some mild discomfort, most people have no problem with the eradication of age spots, freckles, and fine lines or dilated blood vessels. The initial therapy could cause tingling.

People frequently report that subsequent sessions get even more comfortable when their skin starts to clean up. You might experience a minor sunburn after that, but it should go gone in a few hours or, at most, a day or two.

After treatment, blemishes and age spots typically become paler for 3 to 7 days before starting to diminish. There may be crusting, which can linger for up to 10 days. Crusting is the effect of pigmentation gradually peeling off the skin’s surface due to IPL therapy. Age spots typically must be removed for 3 to 5 treatments over several months.

Inquire with your cosmetologist if you can wear makeup immediately after the procedure. Based on the skin state and how long after treatment you are applying it, it could not be a problem.

Patients might occasionally develop skin bruising. This usually gets better in a week or two. That is why It’s crucial to consult a specialist first.

Following IPL, recovery times depend on the problem treated and the patient. The skin appears slightly redder during two to five days following vein therapy.

3. How To Hasten the Healing Process Following IPL therapy

Daily, moisturize your skin and use moderate cleansers. Use sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. Your skin is shielded from Sun exposure and UVA rays by this. Use warm water to cleanse your body twice each day.

A microdermabrasion facial should be performed 2 to 3 weeks following IPL treatment. This removes dead skin cells while hydrating and protecting your skin. Improve collagen repair using stem cell serum, and leave your body a smooth, healthy appearance.


Results from photo facial or IPL treatments typically endure for about a year, but you can extend the longevity of your results with the proper maintenance procedures. This method is intended to assist in treating hyperpigmentation, whether it results from age spots, acne scars, or just an excess of melanin.

IPL therapy encourages the creation of new collagen in your skin, which furthers skin renewal. Photofacials may be an excellent alternative if you have hyperpigmentation or wish to revitalize and remodel your skin.