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3 Benefits Of CBD

If you’re looking to use something to help you unwind or get sleep, you might have tried different over-the-counter options. If these aren’t working for you, maybe you’re looking for other ways to treat issues like anxiety.

One standard option is CBD oil. You’ve probably heard about CBD and how many people use it to help relax, get better sleep, and more. This legal substance comes from the marijuana plant but doesn’t contain any psychoactive ingredients (known as THC). 

It can also be derived from the hemp plant, which is a close relative of the marijuana plant but doesn’t contain much THC. So, there are many kinds of CBD and different ways to use it.

If you’re wondering if you should try CBD, this guide can go over some potential reasons to do so while also noting possible side effects.

A Note About Side Effects 

Depending on the product and how you use it, some CBD items might have side effects. For example, if you’re smoking CBD with a vape, it could impact your lungs. Other products might contain added THC or other things that could affect your health.

As far as the potential benefits of CBD, research has shown that CBD can help with seizures. Many other benefits of CBD are still being studied. This doesn’t mean that the benefits mentioned in this list aren’t real – it just means this is still an emerging field. 

Ways To Use CBD

Before deciding if you want to use CBD, it’s good to know how you can use this substance. There are various CBD products available, so it mostly depends on which one appeals most to you. Some of the most common CBD products include:

Potential Benefits Of CBD 

As noted above, while research isn’t conclusive on all of these benefits, there is some evidence that CBD can help with the following concerns:

1. Anxiety: Many people consume CBD to help with mild anxiety issues. Some studies and consumer reports indicate that CBD can help people relax. It could be a way to get the benefits of the marijuana plant without some of the side effects. 

2. Pain relief: Another common reason people try CBD is to reduce pain. Some people use topical ointments and creams applied to their bodies to help with muscle aches or even issues like arthritis. However, research is still being done on this benefit, but if it does help you feel better, it likely won’t hurt to try. 

3. Insomnia: The last common benefit many people report from using CBD is help with insomnia. While some people try to use marijuana to help sleep, CBD may have similar impacts without the downsides of the high that THC provides. Some studies suggest that CBD products may help people go to sleep and also sleep more soundly.  

These are the three main benefits of CBD that are supported by current studies. But this doesn’t mean they are the only potential benefits. More research could show even more ways that CBD could help people.

When using any new product, it’s always wise to try only small amounts at a time and research what’s in the product. Talk to your physician if you notice side effects or have questions.