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2-in-1 ring: what the most useful piece of jewellery looks like

Did you know that there are rings specifically designed to prevent another ring from slipping off? A ring for a ring? Yes! And it’s a brilliant idea! Whether you’ve lost weight, grown older, it’s winter or swelling has gone down, your fingers are thinner and… You have all chances to lose your favourite piece of jewellery.

In this case, the keeper rings to come to the rescue. This is just an ingenious invention, which in addition has an interesting design. In the FJewelley catalog you can see quite a few photos of such products. What is their peculiarity and how do choose such an accessory?

What are the advantages of such accessories:

  • Both men and women can buy them, that is, they can be called unisex. And the age does not matter here.
  • Despite the rather simple design, they come in a variety, that is, you can choose a rather massive model or something more elegant.
  • They can cost inexpensive. It all depends on the amount and grade of metal used in the product.

Design features of the model

It looks like the best amulet for your most precious jewellery. Many people like the design so much that they even wear it just as a separate ring.

It looks somewhat like an engraving. On the sides and back, it is a simple ring with no decoration. But there are several rows of “obstacles” on the front. There can be from one to five or six. Each row consists of bulges (metal balls) and various decorations, most of which resemble a pigtail. The balls themselves can be the same diameter or different. Some accessories use precious or ornamental stones as decoration. The main purpose of the design is the more obstacles, the better.

To make the right choice, consider:

  • What ring do you wear it with?
  • What metal is it made of?
  • Do they match each other in design?

You can make your choose based on descriptions and photos. What can the price depend on?

Here everything is quite simple; the following parameters are involved in forming the prices:

The type of precious metal. It can be gold (yellow, white or pink) of different carats or silver.

  • The weight of the product. As we’ve said before, there is jewellery in the same barrier lane. They are relatively thin and weigh a lot, but there are also massive rings that inspire confidence, and they weigh quite decently.
  • The presence of decor. As such, precious stones can be used. And you’ve probably already guessed that such a ring, encrusted with diamonds, will cost more than a ring encrusted with zirconium.
  • This accessory is from a new collection or use. You realize that in comparison to a new piece of jewellery, a used piece of jewellery can cost 30…60% less. It’s not because it’s bad! Those are the laws of the jewellery business.

Therefore, do not be in a hurry to choose. Look carefully at the models, and their details and read the descriptions. You can find something really interesting in the assortment FJewelley. This is a perfect gift for a loved one for any day and for any occasion. This is how you will show your attitude and demonstrate your care. Don’t forget that the main task of such a product is not to let the most valuable ring in your collection slip.