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14 Trendy Paint Colours to Refresh Your Cabinets

Are you looking to give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a fresh look? Painting your cabinets is the easiest and a cost-effective way to update the look of any room. But what paint colour should you choose? To help you decide, we’ve rounded up some of the top trendy cabinet paint colours that will make your room look modern and stylish.

1. White and Gray

Before choosing paint colours, consider how much natural light your room receives. Many people’s favourite kitchen colours are white and a deep, dark grey. In trendy kitchen remodels, the painters in Altona use white on top cabinets and gray on bottom cabinets, which works out beautifully. The dark grey ground, the design, and the satin brass hardware can stand out against it, while white on the top cabinets and walls can make your kitchen look airy and cheerful. Both of these colours complement stainless steel equipment and marble as well.

2. Gray

Add some grey if you are tired of bright white environments in kitchens. It’s a timeless style that lets your furnishings be the star of the show. Experts use white for the cabinets and create a subtle contrast to the bright white walls. It’s a wispy tint that reads as cloud-grey and provides just the right amount of depth to a room.

3. Sea and Sky,

The sure-fire method of the best painters in Altona is to use two hues of the same colour. Deep-blue island can become a stage in an open kitchen, while sky-hued cabinetry outlines the perimeter. Interior designers pick the bespoke shades to ground the high-ceilinged area and complement the island’s stainless-steel appliances and dark wood bands.

4. Navy Blue

It is becoming increasingly popular for kitchen and bathroom cabinets due to its bold yet timeless appeal. This colour is perfect for creating a statement piece in any room. You can pair navy blue cabinets with light countertops and walls for a balanced contrast that looks chic and modern.

5. Light Blue

Have you ever noticed how antique kitchens look softer because of pastel-like colours? You can achieve that effect in your kitchen using gorgeous duck egg light blue cabinet paint. The painting service experts in Altona say this colouration has a smoothness to it. A conventional kitchen looks stunning against this cabinet colour.

6. Rich Cherry

Many modern kitchens might benefit from a paint colour that is neither too brilliant nor dark. It is where cherry wood comes into play. It can emphasise contrast to blend in with any decor while being light enough; so the cabinets stay visible in the kitchen.

7. Lemon and Lime

The multi colour tile backsplash unites a kitchen with striking lemon green perimeter cabinets and a lime yellow island. The bright hue gets emphasised with dark granite and light wood countertops.

8. Greenish Blue and Gray

To add some zing to your kitchen without overpowering the colour-conscious homeowner, the interior designer surrounds it with neutral grey cabinetry before painting the island a hazy green-tinged blue. Grey-veined marble on the island countertop and backsplash connects the two rooms.

9. Soft Yellow and Red

A vibrant colour palette can enliven a corner bar directly off the kitchen. A pale yellow paint-glaze combination can provide dimension to the brilliant orange-red cabinets. Green wallpaper enhances the hues, while a deep mahogany countertop stops the appearance from becoming too wacky.

10. Buttermilk and Light Green

Interior designers and painting experts in Altona frequently utilise gentle hues to accent separate cabinet portions to produce the illusion of a country kitchen packed with furniture items. The stovetop area can be characterised by soft yellow, while the fridge unit and beadboard panels can have a vintage green paint colour. Accent tiles blend the colours in the room, adding benefits to change the look of your kitchen.

11. White

White is one of the most popular choices when painting cabinets. It’s versatile, easy to clean, and gives a bright, airy look. Whether you want a classic or modern style, white cabinets will always be in fashion. For added elegance, consider adding gold handles and knobs to your cabinets for an extra pop of sophistication.

12. Teal Green

Instead of going with something light in your country-styled kitchen, consider teal green tones. This deeper paint colour works nicely with a lighter kitchen, especially if you incorporate natural décor like wood throughout the space. In addition, the teal green hues complement the outdoor, woodland-like motif well. Because teal green has a contemporary appeal, it may easily mix in with other styles.

13. Sage Green

Cabinet colours that add more neutrality to your home design are some of the greatest. Sage green is a fantastic choice in this scenario. It’s neither too light nor too dark. Instead, this hue has a nice balance that allows it to meet in the middle ground no matter how you adorn anything else.

14. Black Matte

Sometimes, the aesthetic features of your kitchen’s interior design require assistance in attracting attention. In this instance, kitchen cabinet paint colours play an essential role. Matte black can play a significant role in drawing people’s attention. It’s clean and stands out against the lighter cabinet hardware. The result is a cabinet configuration that pulls the eye directly to your kitchen decor.

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There are so many different cabinet paint colours you can choose from when redecorating your home. From white to navy blue and even dark grey, something out there will surely fit your existing decor or create an entirely new look. With these trendy cabinet paint colours, you’ll have no trouble giving your space a fresh feel without breaking the bank. So why wait? Contact Millennium painters and get your cabinets painted soon!