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101 Guide to Importing Amazon Reviews to Shopify

With Amazon’s continued dominance in the global eCommerce scene, it is no surprise that being a savvy merchant you may look to leverage this popularity by listing your goods on the site.

To improve both sales and conversion over the long term, you may find yourself trying different new things. One of these things may be asking Amazon buyers to share with others their shopping experience by leaving reviews. Thanks to their testimonials, you can improve the experience for your visitors and increase trust with potential shoppers. Your e-store can also win from Amazon’s popularity, because you may import and export Amazon reviews to Shopify.

Don’t be upset if you don’t know how to grab reviews for your website. Luckily, there are several ways to import those precious Amazon customer reviews into your Shopify store. In this article, we’ll suggest a few ways to do it.

Power of customer reviews

First of all, let’s mark again the power of customer reviews and the impact they have on your brand.

A study by BrightLocal found that 80% of shoppers always read online testimonials before making a purchase. This means that for every $1 you spend on marketing, you’re getting $6 in return! It sounds great, doesn’t it? So, the more customer reviews you get, the more chances to increase your sales you have.

It’s also a great idea to have some objective information about how people feel about your products and services before you start asking for their money. That will not only increase their loyalty but also attract new buyers.

The power of customer reviews is immeasurable as they can lead your business to both success and failure. A positive testimonial is a helping hand in increasing traffic, boosting sales, and getting more loyal customers. A negative one can tank your ratings and damage your brand’s reputation.

Amazon reviews for your Shopify store

Having spent months building and refining your Shopify store or just having started it, now you understand that the time has come to take the next step: getting reviews.

But how do you collect feedback?

If you’re like most merchants, you’re probably thinking about asking shoppers to leave reviews on your site or social media. But it has been found that customers are more likely to leave a review if they also see it on Amazon. Thus, since most shoppers are going straight to Amazon when they’re looking for a review, you may also go there too and import Amazon reviews to your Shopify store.

Use reviews apps

In the Shopify app store, you will find various applications for exporting and importing reviews. 

For instance, you can use such a free product review app for Shopify as Webtex.

Due to this app, even if your buyers write their reviews on external channels, you’ll be able to demonstrate them on your Shopify store. The application allows easily importing reviews of your buyers as well as exporting them from your Shopify-based site.

On the Shopify App store, you can find Reviews and Ratings App that can be easily set up and is compatible with almost all the Shopify themes. The main advantage of the app is that it allows importing all the necessary information valuable for customers. It includes not only their Amazon reviews but also the date of creation and star rating. Moreover, reviews can be manually input into the app.

One more application for grabbing reviews is the Amazon Reviews app. All you need is just to install the app, select Settings, enter your AWS access key and a secret key. Being connected to your AWS account with the app, you are able to import customer reviews.
If you follow all these steps, you’ll easily import Amazon reviews to your Shopify store.

Grab Amazon reviews with Chrome extensions

To import Amazon reviews to Shopify, there can be used Chrome extensions with the help of the Ryviu service. There, you can find a free plan as well as paid ones. Just select the most appropriate one for your store. This service grabs customer reviews on each product page. Then, you can export them into a certain format and import them to your Shopify store. But be attentive to select the right columns to import and correct products to handle. 

Make use of third-party services

One more method to import Amazon reviews to Shopify is the use of third-party services, for example, Importify or Review Importer. The idea is that you connect to your Amazon account, which allows you to import your reviews. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these testimonials will not be displayed on your product pages immediately. It can take some time for reviews to show up.

Bottom line

To sum it up, never forget that customer reviews are just a part of your success.
You should also take care of your consumers and provide them with high-quality products and excellent services to build long-term relationships and increase profits.