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10 Best Essay Writing Services Right Now

Many college students consider doing a keg stand their most prominent ability. Perhaps, for some, it is. However, for many others, it is a never-ending search for more efficient ways to study better and easier at the same time. For the last several years, there hasn’t been a smoother way to do that than address an online custom writing company. Nowadays, their name is legion, and it might be quite hard to choose a website that is a perfect fit for your needs. I hereby give you the 10 best online essay writing services that rock this highly competitive industry at this very moment.

10 Best Essay Writing Services: Reviews, Features, Rating

The list below was formed based on several source materials, including customer review platforms (Trustpilot, Sitejabber), user feedback on relevant forums and Q&A websites (Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers), expert review platforms (GlobaLearn, ExeEdu), analyzing services’ websites, and of course, my expertise and my guts. As a result, you have a list that includes various writing companies to satisfy even the most pampered demand – one-stop-shop services; services that specialize in particular tasks or paper types; the best cheap essay writing services; companies with remarkable customer service, etc. In a word, best of the breed. That said, mind that, although based on thorough research and multiple sources, this rating is as nonrepresentative as it only gets, so don’t even bother to look for a gesture of objectivity. After all, that’s what IMHO means.

Okay, let’s get started!

1.  PaperHelp.org

Operating since 2008, PaperHelp is one of the oldest custom writing services in the USA – and still sets the bar for the industry. In PaperHelp.org reviews all over the Internet, the service is highly praised for reliability, writing quality, and an authentically personalized approach. The latter suggests selecting the best-suited expert to fulfill your order; proactively clarifying clients’ instructions to follow them as close as possible; ability to get in touch with the assigned writer; and the right to require up to 3 free revisions in case you’d like to change something in the delivered piece. Another thing many users point out is the turnaround speed – you can get an essay composed from scratch as fast as just 3 hours. Apart from written tasks, the company’s experts can also solve problems and perform calculations, provide Q&A services and accomplish special projects (i.e., capstone, presentations, speeches, etc.). Overall, PaperHelp is a one-stop website where a student will get any help with all kinds of assignments and homework, except for live online tests and exams.

What I like about it: long history; versatility; guarantees; QA dept; remarkable blog

My rating: 10/10

2.  WowEssays.com

WowEssays is much younger than the #1 on my list but has gained many students’ sympathies anyway. To a great extent, it happened due to the fact that it started as one of the largest free sample databases on the Internet, with almost 100.000 papers. Students were coming here for general inspiration, topic ideas, and great writing examples to follow. Then, perhaps after website creators realized that many students are ready to cut some corners and pay competent people who can satisfy their ‘write my essay’ request, the full-fledged writing service emerged. From simple essays and standard reports to complicated term papers and sophisticated theses – today, you can order any of those and anything in between. That said, the sample database is still there, augmented by the directory of free writing assistance tools like grammar and readability checkers; topic, citation, and other generators; various converters and calculators. Moreover, WowEssays demonstrates that it keeps listening to customers’ needs and, considering the increase in demand for coding tasks, recently launched the specialized sub-service WowAssignment.com that focuses on programming and other STEM assignments.

What I like about it: useful stuff for free – sample database, writing assistance tools; sister website for programming assignments

My rating: 10/10

3.  MyAdmissionsEssay.com

Before you even get to the point when you start to consider addressing a college paper writing service, you first need to get into college, right? That’s when you might want to visit MyAdmissionsEssay and check out what it offers. No, they won’t increase your GPA or go to the interview instead of you. Yet, they can craft an outstanding (it’s the aim of any candidate – to stand out from the crowd, isn’t it?) admissions essay, application letter, or personal statement. Also, here you can get help with CVs, resumes, and cover letters to support your petition to any college, university, or educational program. Judging from user feedback, the company does its job really well. Considering the service’s specifics, it is crucial for it to be able to treat every client like the special one – and reviews pay homage to how MyAdmissionsEssay managed to accomplish that.

What I like about it: direct communication with the writer; service simplicity; freebies with the order

My rating: 9/10

4.  EvolutionWriters.com

At first glance, there’s nothing special about the EvolutionWriters company – and it’s actually true. But tell me – how can you see the service’s reliability or writing speed from a simple website? No way. Yet, customer feedback and expert reviews tell the story much more vividly. Both point out the ability of EvolutionWriters to deliver papers compliant with all the academic writing requirements within the tightest deadlines. On the other hand, I’ve met quite mixed reviews when it came to Master-level works. Thus, I can conclude that the service targets mostly college and university students rather than postgraduates. This can also explain very prices that are a bit lower than the market average. Bottom line: if you need a solid, no-bells-&-whistles writing service to complete your undergraduate-level writing or problem-solving task, EvolutionWriters.com might be right for you.

What I like about it: fast turnaround; lower-than-average pricing; focus on papers for college

My rating: 9/10

5.  Studdit.com

What caught my attention in some customer reviews and subreddit comments at some point was the phrase “one of the most underrated essay writing services out there.” It was used towards different companies, but most often it referred to Studdit. I decided to check it out – and had no other choice than to agree. Maybe, it is the Studdit website’s minimalistic design that doesn’t let some students take it seriously. However, users who did decide to order from this service endorse the high quality of writing, affable customer managers, and attractive discounts, especially for returning customers. For example, first-time buyers are entitled to 5% off instantly and 10% in cashback-like reward credits that they can then use to partially pay for the new orders. So, if you’re up to trying something new in terms of buying original academic papers, Studdit is the service to go for.

What I like about it: discounts; convenient Live Chat; helpful managers

My rating: 8/10

6.  WriteMyPapers.org

Typically, when ordering from a writing service, you don’t need to bother with selecting the most competent expert to fulfill your order – customer managers take care of it. The best practice here is to pair writers’ expertise to the order requirements and hand pick the best match. It’s quite a rare occurrence when you can choose a specific writer yourself from the first go. WriteMyPapers lets you do just that – go to the ‘Our writers’ page and pick a TOP expert to accomplish the most complicated project. However, if you need a writer for a simple task and don’t want to overpay for overqualification, you will have to trust a manager’s decision. When you have several received papers under your belt, you will be able to order from experts who crafted them by using their unique number IDs.

What I like about it: possibility to choose a specific TOP writer; free on-site grammar checker

My rating: 8/10

7.  CyberPaperBoy.com

The CyberPaperBoy website is a great example of using infotainment techniques in niche sales. But don’t let the colorful design and playful approach doubt that there is a full-scale custom writing service behind it all. According to numerous user reviews, this service focuses on helping college and high school goers. This means that if you want to order a deeply researched course work, detailed case study, or a novelty-bringing thesis, you should probably go elsewhere. However, if you need a decently written college-level essay (which accounts for nearly 60% of orders in the entire industry) without having to overpay for the brand name or expertise you don’t really require – CyberPaperBoy is a great option just for that.

What I like about it: very responsive support; cool quiz to clarify what exactly you need

My rating: 8/10

8.  DissertationWritings.com

If the previous website is meant for undergraduates, the name of the DissertationWritings service should give you the clearest idea of what client category it targets. A bit outdated and very formal design speaks of that, too, and probably, appeals to the US and UK postgraduate students. Of course, you can order a standard argumentative essay or a PowerPoint presentation here, but why? You don’t need a neurosurgeon to apply a band-aid. But when you need help making the last step towards a so-much desired academic degree – DissertationWritings can give you a decisive push. Whether you need a thesis, dissertation, or a specific chapter – you can get it from real masters of the craft while being in constant contact with the assigned expert. 5% and 10% discounts for orders over $500 or $1000 respectively come as the icing on the cake.

What I like about it: ability to take on the most complex academic tasks; easy contact with the writer

My rating: 8/10

9.  EssayPro.com

EssayPro is the oldest and perhaps the largest writing company on this list, and all the advantages and drawbacks this service has come from this very fact. Vast experience and huge writer staff make the undeniable plus. On the other hand, EssayPro is one of a few paper writing websites that exploit the bidding system to process customers’ orders. The core idea is that a client places an order, and writers bid for how much they are ready to accomplish it. Theoretically, this should let you select the writer single-handedly for the best result. Practically, this means that the service puts all the responsibility for the outcome on a customer. This probably explains a mix of good and bad reviews the service is getting. At the same time, no one would deny an outstanding breadth of services EssayPro provides for any occasion and budget.

What I like about it: company’s size; years of operation; breadth of additional paid services

My rating: 7/10

10.  MagicLearning.com

MagicLearning can be credited as a writing service that first inclines students to do their jobs single-handedly rather than hire a professional writer to craft a unique paper. The thing is, the website sticks out its significant 15K+ free collection of samples. The idea behind this database is that it can be an alternative for students who need a little push to start putting words together into great academic papers. If or when this doesn’t work out, you can place a quick order and get a plagiarism-free paper at a reasonable price. I mean, obviously, you hardly might want to order a 60-page thesis on theoretical physics here, but getting an English essay or creative writing paper is a real deal, as witnessed by numerous customer reviews and expert reports.

What I like about it: simple ordering; reliable and personalized service; great samples for free

My rating: 7/10

Parting Thoughts

There are many more custom writing services on the Web than the ten I’ve showcased. Some are really good, others are completely worthless, but the 10 websites above are, IMHO, the best. If you’re going to try out other services anyway, make sure they are trustworthy, reliable, with solid guarantees and a positive online reputation. In any case, choose your service and use its features to complete assignments faster and study better. Then, you’d have time to perfect your keg stand and turn it into your most prominent ability.