Long range Communication over mobile radio made easy and effective

Introducing to you the unusual digital vehicular repeater ‘X10DR’ a long-range wireless and remote speaker microphone, confirmed a new-age version of a digital vehicular repeater. Just like a typical/traditional mobile repeater, the X10DR effortlessly delivers all radio traffic generated from the connected host mobile two-way radio to the user, thereby allowing distant communication up to 500 meters between their user and their vehicle’s two-way. Last month, we communicated with the CEO of the Wireless Corporation and inventor of the X10DR ‘out of vehicle’ communication device, Martin Cahill, who has been in the radiocommunication industry for over 45 years and with him David Cox, a co-founder of the Australia Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA)

X10DR Elite Vehicular Repeater

The intrinsic implementation and methodology of X10DR provide a unique and better solution to age-old operational issues addressed by the traditional digital vehicular repeater. Over the past eight years, it has been the “Out of vehicle communication solution” of choice for many professional agencies. In fact, recent models (the X10DR Elite and Pro models) have been equipped with the capacity to provide and transmit up to 800 meters or 2700 ft communications coverage from the vehicle.

We recently caught up with Martin Cahill, it was an awesome experience as he took time to shed more light on how the innovation of the X10DR out of vehicle solution came into existence despite the advent of Smartphones.

Oh, I see. The idea for the X10DR has me curious. Specifically, where did it originate? What prompted you to create your own brand of vehicle communicator? Also, I would like to know what advantage it possesses over other similar products like the DVRS and the Standard Mobile Vehicle Repeaters that are its competition.

“The idea for creating the X10DR was birthed from solutions that were proffered in the past and which turned out sometimes near useless for mobile radio users mainly because they were largely and operationally ineffective. It cost a great deal to acquire these devices and required just as excessive investment (mentally and financially) in the user’s training and know-how. This whole process was sometimes utterly unproductive and totally draining especially those endeavoring to make in-band solutions work.. As a lot of people will attest to, at major events and scenes, except with strict management guidelines and criteria being rigorously carried out.. After forty years in the “two-way” industry we felt the need to find other means to solve these age-long problems. That is, solutions that would not require the extreme expenditure of resources and effort from the users and that would produce incredibly great results. Therefore the inspiration for the X10DR system stemmed from the failures of earlier invented systems and the need to provide solutions to crucial and long existing difficulties.” Cahill explained.


He went on to enunciate  “There are a lot of qualities that make the X10DR unparalleled among other similar products and I will do my best to enunciate them in few points. Owing to X10DR‘s unique approach the requirement for licensed frequency allocations that were insufficient and therefore had to be shared and its vulnerability to ingrained interference from outsiders have now long forgotten problems. And more noteworthy is the fact that there is no longer lost audio or vital radio system tones since the advent of the X10DR. In addition, X10DR systems do not experience major contention issues when a lot of vehicles arrive at an event at almost the same or the same time.” 

He further added, “Out of vehicle communications that often exceed expectations are delivered by Highly Mission Critical focused X10DR Elite units back over the vehicle’s mobile two-way radio. Following an industry breakthrough, X10DR Elite models now allow full-duplex communication on-site at events while maintaining for all users full access to the vehicle’s mobile channel. All transmissions are AES128 voice protected, totally high quality and it is guaranteed that conversations between the handset users and the gateway are completely private. Incredibly, in comparison to the cost of installing traditional digital vehicle repeaters which function outdatedly and which are not totally suitable for required tasks, the all-inclusive cost of an X10DR in the vehicle communications system is just a small fraction.”

In agreement with him, what more can a brand offer? Mouthwatering qualities, well-proven solutions, and at a price that is compelling. It is a superb advantage.” 

He further finished by saying X10DR is the out of vehicle extender.

X10DR is available from distributors and professional radio dealers throughout the country and on-line at the X10DR Global Store (www.x10drglobalstore com). Further information can also be found at  such site as: www.x10dr.com