Wrongful death lawsuits include a wide range of damages that might vary significantly from one instance to the next. The overall amount of damages that might be incurred due to these cases is impossible to determine due to the broad range of compensation that could be awarded.

If a family suffers due to their loved one’s wrongful death, they may be entitled to compensation. This may entail the pain of being separated from the victim’s company and their mental agony.

Economic damages, like funeral costs and burial fees, may also be covered in certain circumstances. Having a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Atlanta on your side will help you understand what to anticipate and how to establish wrongful termination in your situation.


A wrongful death suit in Atlanta may seek monetary and non-monetary compensation for the loss the deceased person has caused the estate survivors. A wrongful death suit may pursue a variety of damages.

  • Intangible Costs

In the event of a loved one’s death, the family is entitled to financial compensation. Funerals, burials, or cremation costs are familiar places to start.

In certain circumstances, monetary damages might also come from other economic losses. The decedent’s surviving family might claim damages for loss of projected income, while the decedent’s kid could request compensation for loss of inheritance. Medical insurance, public pensions, and other benefits linked to the deceased may also be at stake in these situations, in addition to the loved one’s salary.

  • Damages That Aren’t Monetary In Nature

A loved one’s untimely death may cause a wide range of emotional and financial hardships. Survivors of a close family member who has died suddenly may be eligible for this kind of compensation because of the emotional toll the death has had on the survivors. These damages might compensate for survivors’ mental pain or the surviving spouse’s loss of consortium.

A large part of the non-economic compensation in wrongful death claims is just what the remaining family may lose out in the future due to the loss of their loved one’s life. It is possible to lose the decedent’s direction and nurture, advice, and care. Another example is the loss of their company and affection.

  • Recognizing And Reducing Damages To Improve Survival

A second legal action connected to an untimely death is recognized by Atlanta law, unlike in many other states. This is referred to as a “survival mode.” In some situations, the compensation provided is linked to premature death.

In other countries, wrongful death claims sometimes contain survival actions. A survival claim is comparable to wrongful termination compensation, so it’s important to know what you may be entitled to.

Because of this, this compensation is distinct from the damages that might be sought in a malicious prosecution action since it focuses on the decedent’s particular losses before their death. If the victim had lived to tell the tale, they could have been able to recover this amount of money via a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Suffering And Pain

A survival suit might result in monetary damages if a decedent’s agony and suffering were quantifiable before their death. Pain and suffering damages are identical to those that may be awarded in a personal injury claim.

  • Damage To Your Property

In certain wrongful death situations, the decedent’s property was harmed in an accident that occurred before the death. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents are the most prevalent causes. Property damage might be recouped by pursuing this form of legal action.

  • Medical Costs To Consider

Negligence cases that lead to fatalities might result in medical costs for the victim’s family members. The length of time between the fatal wound and the conclusion of their life will determine these costs. Before the death of your loved one, you may be eligible for compensation for lost income due to time spent caring for them (including taking time off from work to do so).

  • Wages That Were Not Earned

Compensation for lost earnings may be available in these situations as well. Any payments that the deceased could not earn due to their injury and death are included in this compensation.


Do you want to know how much a family of a deceased loved one might be compensated in a lawsuit? A seen with a representative might provide you some insight into what to anticipate from your case and how to prepare accordingly. While mourning, many individuals find having to deal with a legal issue unbearable. While you spend time with family and friends, the team might manage your case.