For many people, music has been an important way to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic. Nothing releases stress like sitting down at a piano and learning a new Bach piece, which is one of the reasons why learning an instrument has become one of the most popular lockdown pastimes.  

These days, most children and adults alike get their start on electric keyboards, which are cheaper and easier to transport than upright or grand pianos. But nothing can really replace the warm tones and organic sound of a traditional piano, and those who want to take their skills to the next level often invest in a second-hand instrument. 

Second-hand pianos are widely available online, often with extremely competitive pricing. But there’s usually a catch: pianos are notoriously difficult to move, and though you might be able to get free installation when buying new, if you want to get the cheaper pricing that comes when buying second-hand, you have to make your own arrangements to pick it up. 

The good news is this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your chance to buy your very own upright or grand piano. Professional movers sometimes offer special piano-moving services to help people in this particular situation, and if this is an option you are open to, here are three ways professional piano movers can make getting the instrument of your dreams easier. 

1. Specialized Equipment

Moving a piano is a uniquely difficult proposition, especially if the building where you’re picking it up or having it installed has narrow hallways and lots of stairs. 

Professional piano movers have specialized equipment that can help the process go more smoothly and quickly, while also ensuring that the instrument isn’t damaged in transit. More still, they take great pains to ensure they won’t damage your home when removing or installing a piano.

2. Expert Labor

An average-sized upright piano generally weighs around 500 lbs, and a large grand piano can weigh twice that. This means these instruments aren’t just cumbersome, but can also be dangerous for those who don’t know how to move them safely. 

Getting a professional piano moving company to help you pick up and install your instrument will help ensure the job is done safely by providing a team who can work together to install the instrument in your home. 

3. Moving Trucks

If you don’t have a flatbed truck or moving van, transporting a piano will be impossible. Professional movers use vehicles outfitted with features like liftgates and heavy straps that secure the piano in place and make it a lot easier to get in and out of the truck. 

For many, the main appeal of buying a second-hand piano is the price, so it may seem counter-intuitive to increase the overall cost of the purchase by hiring movers. 

But between the time saved and the ease-of-mind that comes when you work with professionals, piano movers can help guarantee that you get a great deal on an instrument without the stress of having to pick it up yourself.